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Pamban Road Bridge (Rameshwaram) Road Trip

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For anyone seeking a road trip that boasts of a blend of both adventure, thrills and thorough beauty, the road trip through the Pamban Bridge is definitely the one you should try out without a second thought! The Pamban Road Bridge, is commonly known as the Annai Indira Road Bridge and is often confused with the main Pamban Bridge, which is actually a railway bridge connecting the holy town of Rameshwaram located on the Pamban Island with mainland India.

So if you are in the mood of a perfect, quick adventurous ride to Rameshwaram, then the Pamban Road Bridge is something you should definitely consider.

But before we go there, here are some pointers—



The Pamban Road Bridge is just adjacent to the Pamban Railway Bridge and it mainly connects NH 49 with the town of Rameshwaram. This road bridge was inaugurated in the year 1988 on the 2nd of October, by the then prime minister of India, Rajeev Gandhi.

The main stretch of the entire Pamban Road bridge is 2.345 Kilo Meters, however, though short, the experience is a totally worthwhile one that anyone can ever have! Having the endless ocean flowing underneath the bridge as you pass by is a view which you would want to capture in all frames of mind and having the pleasant breezes blow your hair and calm your mind is an experience no one should ever miss.

You can also see many ships and bots pass underneath the bridge, in the ocean, and have yourself feel on top of happiness seeing so much of the sea life, since when on the bridge, all you can see around you is only the endless waters of the ocean.

The stretch of the actual Pamban Railway Bridge, however, is longer, at around 13.5 Kilo Meters, that via train can be covered in less than 20 minutes altogether.


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