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Mangal Pandey – Freedom Fighter of India

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Born on the 19th of July in the year 1827, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, Mangal Pandey was a significant entity in the 1857 Indian Rebellion, which was a mass revolt against the British Raj. Pandey was a soldier with the Bengal Native Infantry, and went on to be a heroic figure in the country, although the British government deemed him as a traitor.

His designation made him by default a part of the East India Company’s Army, and as a sepoy he was the first one to pick up a revolt and attack the Europeans to pave way for a urge of freedom to rise among fellow sepoys.

He participated in a number of attacks against the regiment of the EIC’s rule and fought with complete determination and courage. This led the British government to term him as a betrayer and traitor, while the Indians cherished his heroism and acts for freedom struggle.

His acts led to the popular Indian Rebellion of 1857, and he died the same year on the 8th of April, at an age of 29 years. His life and heroism has been adapted by many filmmakers who have made cinematic representations of Pandey’s span.

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