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Puspa Lata Das – Freedom Fighter of India

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About Puspa Lata Das

Born on the 27th of March in the year 1915, Puspa Lata Das was a strong-headed independence activist, who at the tender age of six, joined the Banar Sena, to promote and popularize the use of Khadi products in the country.

A true patriot, she pledged for freedom, being raised at a home that was rooted in traditional and nationalistic values.

She was rusticated from her school at the age of 14, as she voiced against the hanging sentence of famous freedom fighter Bhagat Singh and organized a protest for the same.

She continued her education as a private student and went on to do her higher studies from the Banaras Hindu University, passing with a Masters’s degree in political science. She also pursued law and was later arrested by the police for practicing individual Satyagraha.

She became a significant member of the Women Sub Committee in the National Planning Committee in the city of Bombay (now Mumbai) and contributed immensely to a lot of social and cultural work and development.

An influential orator, she delivered a number of remarkable speeches opposing Jawaharlal Nehru’s moves for the grouping of Assam and ended up bringing amendments to a number of decisions in that sector.

She became a member of the Rajya Sabha in the year 1951 and her term lasted for a span of 10 years until 1961. A prominent member of the Assam Legislative Assembly, she also served as the member of a number of significant associations, such as the Central Social Welfare Board, East India Motion Pictures Censor Board, All India Khadi Board—for which she was the chairperson of the Assam center, and also the State Bhudan and Gramdan Board—where she served as the chairperson.

Her list of governing bodies also included the Kasturba Memorial Trust situated in Assam, of which she was the chairperson, and the government of India wished to honor her with the Tampatra Award for her endless services to the society. However, she refused to accept it.

She passed away on the 9th of November in the year 2003 at the age of 88.

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