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Somarama Temple – Popular Hindu Pilgrim Place

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About Somarama Temple

Located in Bhimavaram in the West Godavari District of the south Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, the Somarama Temple is a popular Hindu pilgrim place devoted to Lord Shiva.

It also happens to belong to the Pancharama Kshetras—a series of five holy shrines devoted to Lord Shiva and spread over the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Built in an era as ancient as the 3rd century AD, the temple is known for its rich history and unique features, which make it different from the rest of the temples from the Pancharama Kshetras series.

Although quite ancient, the temple flaunts a modern and new look at a first glance thanks to the variety of colorful paintings and sculptures that adorn it and garners the keen attention of any visitor.

The most unique aspect of the temple differentiating it from the other four temples is the fact that there’s a temple devoted to Goddess Annapoorna, built right above the Shiva Temple, which is something not just unique but also mesmerizing to the onlookers’ eyes.

In fact, it is by far the only shrine in the country to display such an unusual element in its structure. The goddess’s idol also has a sacred thread adorning her neck and a small baby near her holy feet.

Another striking aspect of the temple is that it is believed the Shivalinga installed in this temple actually changes colors depending on the lunar aspects of the year. It is such that it displays white color on every full moon night, and the color changes to pitch black on every Amavasya—the dark nights.

Lord Shiva is worshipped by the name of Someshwara Swamy here, and hence the name—Somarama Temple.  The major festivals celebrated at this place include Mahashivaratri and Saravannavaratri.

The other four temples belonging to the Pancharama Kshetras are the Ksheerarama Temple located in Polakollu district, the Kumararama Temple located in Samalkota, the Draksharama Temple located in Draksharamam, and the Amararama Temple located in Amravati—all in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

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