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Top 10 Tallest Statues of Lord Shiva in India

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Lord Shiva is the greatest deity in Hindu mythology. There are many stories of Lord Shiva which people tell their generations even today. Shravan Month is observed by many people in India because of their faith in God Shiva.

You cannot just count the total number of temples of Lord Shiva in India. But there are some of the tallest statues of Lord Shiva in the country which you must know. Let us have a look at the list:

10 Tallest Statues of Lord Shiva in India

  1. Nathdwara Shiva Statue

Nathdwara Shiva Statue
Image Source:

This statue is still under construction. After the completion of the work, Nathdwara Shiva Statue will become the tallest statue of Shiva lord in the world. It is the statue of Lord Shiva in a meditating position.

The statue takes up an area of more than 25 bighas. It will measure about 351 feet which is the tallest statue in the world.

  1. Shiva of Murudeshwara

Shiva of Murudeshwara
Image Source:

Located in the town of Murudeshwara, this statue of Lord Shiva is in the Uttara Kanada district. It is 2nd tallest statue of Shiva in the world having a height of 130 ft.

The architecture of Murudeshwara Temple clearly showcases the beautiful ancient history of India. The statue is constructed in such a way that it receives direct sunlight.

  1. Sursagar Lake Lord Shiva

Sursagar Lake Lord Shiva
Image Source:

The 3rd tallest statue of Shiva Lord is situated in Vadodara, Gujarat. It has a height of about 120 ft. This statue is situated in the center of Sursagar Lake in the city of Vadodara.

It is one of the most popular attractions in Vadodara. You can visit this lake during Mahashivratri to see the lights blinking on the statue of Lord Shiva.

  1. Adiyogi Shiva Statue

Adiyogi Shiva Statue

Standing at a height of 112 ft. this is the 4th tallest statue of Shiva Lord in India. It is located in Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The weight of the Adiyogi Shiva Statue is about 500 tonnes.

It is named as “Largest Bust Sculpture” in the world in Guinness World Records. The construction of this statue completed in the year 2017.

  1. Namchi Statue of Shiva

Namchi Statue of Shiva
Image Source:

This statue is on the Solophok hilltop of Namchi in the district of Sikkim. It has a height of 108 ft. Solophok Hill is one of the most famous and beautiful tourist spots in Sikkim.

There are many Hindu temples around this hill. You can see another statue of Kirateshwar on this hill. It stands at the height of 18-feet.

  1. Shiva of Har Ki Pauri

Shiva of Har Ki Pauri
Image Source:

Having a height of 100 ft. this statue of Lord Shiva is the 6th tallest statue in the world. It is situated in Haridwar in Uttarakhand. You can feel the serenity at its best in this place with the calm sounds of the gushing River Ganga. It is easy to reach this place by bus or railway station. Otherwise, you can also take Delhi to Haridwar cab.

  1. Shivagiri

Image Source:

People in all parts of India worship Shiva lord. Lord Shiva Statue is one of the tallest statues of Lord Shiva standing at the height of 85 ft.

This statue is situated in Bijapur, Shivagiri. It is created by skilled sculptors of Shimoga. The architecture in this statue comes from a specialized designing team of Bangalore.

  1. Nageshwar Shiva Statue

Nageshwar Shiva Statue
Image Source:

This is one of the most beautiful statues of Lord Shiva standing at a height of 25 meters. You can visit Nageshwar Temple which includes the architecture of fine quality stones.

The temple has a grand hall with 8 huge pillars beautifully carved with artistic designs.  There are many stunning tourist spots near this temple which you must visit.

  1. Kachnar City Lord Shiva

Kachnar City Lord Shiva
Image Source:

Situated in Kachnar City, this statue of Shiva Lord has a height of 76 ft. Every year, the people from various states of India visit Jabalpur to watch this huge statue.

This temple has stunning greenery and you will get relaxation from the chaos of city life in this place. You can easily get public transport to this temple.

  1. Kempfort Lord Shiva

Kemp fort Lord Shiva
Image Source:

Kempfort Lord Shiva is one of the tallest statues of Lord Shiva standing at a height of 65 ft. It is located in Shivoham Shiva Temple in Bengaluru.

More than 500,000 people for different states of India visit this temple each year. There are many other statues in this temple worth to see.


These statues of Lord Shiva are precious treasures of India which will highlight our history and heritage to future generations. You must visit the above places once in life.

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