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You Don’t Want to Miss These Exhibits at the Philadelphia Zoo

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A city’s zoo can tell you a lot about the city and its priorities.  The Philadelphia zoo is no different!  This awesome zoo walks you through getting to know wildlife, understanding the importance of conservation, and seeing animals you’d never get to glimpse in the wild!

These are the top exhibits you should check out if you can visit the Philly Zoo!

African Plains

If you want to get a glimpse of Africa, it’s time to check in on the African Plains!  This exhibit showcases countless species of animals from the countless different environments all over Africa where they’re initially from.  These include rhinos, giraffes, and even more.  This is an awesome exhibit for any kids and a fantastic place to see these majestic animals up close for the first time.

Bear Country

Bears are amazing creatures that come in a huge myriad of different species and shapes.  Bear country lets you know everything from sloth bears to the Andean bear: South America’s largest bear species!  Here you’ll get to learn what makes each different bear while also getting to see them having fun in a comfortable environment.

Bird Valley

If you’re eager to see some unique flocks, it’s time to check out Bird Valley!  These are far more than the average birds you’d see looking at Philadelphia houses for sale and range from flamingos to ostriches and even swans and peacocks.  Every species here is gorgeous and put on display to show how awesome they are.

McNeil Avian Center

If you’re not done with birds yet: it’s time to go on the exotic side.  At first, when you walk into the McNeil Avian Center, you may think it’s empty, but over time you’ll start to realize you’re completely surrounded by beautiful bright green, orange, and other colors of birds from more tropical areas.  Many of the species here are rare and endangered, and they’re awesome to take in while you’re here.

Big Call Falls

Although this is currently open in limited capacities, Big Cat Falls is an awesome stop to make for anyone who’s a big fan of cats!  From lions to tigers to bobcats, you’ll enjoy getting to know this massive family of endangered cats and the environments they come from.

Outback Outpost

Why not take a trip down under?  In the Outback Outpost, you’ll find fun animals like emus, kangaroos and tons of space for seating while you watch these interesting animals live out their daily lives.  This is an incredibly fun exhibit to stop in at!

PECO Primate Reserve

There’s nothing as stunning as stopping in and staring into the eyes of the incredible primate species here.  From orangutans to gorillas, you’ll feel a connection with these animals that aren’t so different from ourselves.  This is an amazing stop to make.

There’s Nothing Like the Philly Zoo!

If you’re gearing up for the vacation of a lifetime and want to stop in at the Philly Zoo: do it!  All of these exhibits are just the tip of the iceberg; it’s worth the visit!

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