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Bengali Independence Activist & Freedom Fighter – Surya Sen

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About Surya Sen

The 12th of January marks the death anniversary of popular Bengali independence activist and freedom fighter Surya Sen, who passed away in the year 1934.

Thus, the year 2017 marks his 83rd death anniversary. Surya Sen was fondly called ‘’Master Da’’ which is a title in Bengali for respected teachers since he was a school teacher by profession.

He is known for his relentless efforts in the Indian independence movement against the British Raj, especially for the Chittagong Armoury Raid in the Chittagong area of Bengal, which at present day, is a part of the neighboring country of Bangladesh.

He was known for his bold and courageous steps in fighting against the British stationed at the Chittagong cantonment, which he did by recruiting young teenagers for the movement and transitioning them into revolutionaries to fight for their own country.

During his struggle for fighting against the British, he did multiple works, sometimes as a farmer, sometimes as a priest, or workman, or even a religious Muslim, in order to avoid getting caught by the British.

However, he was later captured by the British and tortured endlessly before being hanged to death. The executioners broke all his teeth mercilessly with a hammer and took out all of his nails followed by breaking all his limbs and joints.

In fact, he was unconscious when he was being dragged to the rope for hanging on the 12 of January. In his last letter, all he wrote was his wish to see a free India. He had a burial in the sea, the Bay of Bengal.

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