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National Army Day (15th of JANUARY)

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About National Army Day

In India, National Army Day is celebrated on the 15th of January every year, to commemorate the contribution and dedication of the Indian Army in protecting and prevailing peace and harmony in the country by standing as rocks at the borders throughout thick and thin.

It also salutes the sacrifices of all the soldiers of the Indian Army, who succumbed to the oblivion in the drill to protect the citizens of the country.

The trend of celebrating National Army Day started from the year 1948, one-year post-India attaining Independence from the British rule in 1947, when General Kodandera Madappa Cariappa, became the first Indian Commander in Chief, after the end of British rule in India.

He succeeded General Roy Butcher, from the British army, and had a cordial relationship with both the British and the natives of India.

The one and only motto of the Indian Army is ‘’Fight to Win’’ and all the men in the army, regardless of bad conditions, life-threatening risks, as well as natural calamities among other imposters stand rock still to safeguard the citizens of the country and hence, National Army Day is only a small tribute to show gratitude for the limitless contribution the Indian Army has in protecting the country every day, every night, all through the year.

The celebrations of this day also observe the Indian Army re-dedicating itself for being a part of the war-winning team and the day begins with first paying homage and offering prayers for all the soldiers who became martyrs while protecting the country and fighting the imposters. This takes place at the Amar Jawan Jyoti, at the India Gate, in the Indian capital city of New Delhi.

The Delhi Cantonment also witnesses a list of events on this day, such as parades and amazing military shows, which showcase all the achievements as well as the latest technology in the Indian Army.

Alongside, a list of sena medals and unit credentials are also showcased at the gallantry on the 15th of January every year to show various aspects of the Indian Army.

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