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World Hypertension day – 17 May

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World Hypertension day

The year 2020 has taught us the most important factor in one’s life is health. Being healthy not only focuses on the physical state but also the mental state of the person. Therefore, it is very important to check one’s health status. This is also one of the reasons that hypertension has gained attention our attention. World hypertension day is embraced on the 17th of May every year.

One of the common symptoms discovered due to hypertension is fluctuations of BP and headache. Neglecting such factors can lead to what are serious health issues. So, it becomes more of moral responsibility to create awareness about hypertension. Simultaneously focus on how it caused and what can be the measures taken to prevent it.

The day has been immense to create awareness, especially among middle-class and low-class income people. The WHL has set up two critical components to creating awareness

1) Create scanning programs for the people who especially suffer from the problem of BP or hypertension.

2) promote the routine measurement of BP by a healthcare professional at all clinical encounters.

The main purpose behind the celebration is to create awareness and kill this silent killer, the modern epidemic.


one of the major causes of hypertension is that people nowadays are so busy that they don’t even get time for themselves. If hypertension is not detected and cured at the correct time, it can lead to severe heart stroke, heart attack, and other health problems. Sometimes due to hypertension, one can face the problem of been underconfident in many of the activities.

Nowadays, the consumption of processed food and junk food has also increased, which has promoted the problem of hypertension. Lifestyle has also improved as one of the major factors of hypertension. Peer pressure, exam pressure, social pressures, and monetary issues have encouraged a lot to hypertension.


Regular exercise has helped a lot to solve the problem of hypertension. Yoga has been proved extremely successful in regulating blood pressure. As per the doctor’s recommendation, 75 minutes of extremely vigorous exercise for aerobic activities helps curb hypertension. The maximum limit of not performing any exercises should not exceed three days.

Also, seeing what a person eats that only be the person becomes. One should emphasize more on the consumption of healthy food. The medication helps not only in reducing high blood pressure but also to develop strategies to manage unavoidable stress, etc. People should also perform the activities like cycling, swimming, laughing exercises, walking or jogging.

Some of the important facts to know about World Hypertension Day

Although Hypertension is considered to be a very usual issue what people in today’s time suffer. Especially due to the kind of lifestyle we have all been living in, the food habits, the use of excessive technology has just put excessive pressure on the state of our mind and body. People do not even realize it, but a huge section of society has been suffering from this problem on a very regular basis.

Here are some of the important facts one should know about World Hypertension Day:

  1. There are many people who suffer from high blood pressure, but they do not get any symptoms. Even if the blood pressure reaches very high, they get 0 symptoms.
  2. There are people who suffer from the problem of constant headaches, low blood pressure, shortness of breath. But not all of them can be considered as symptoms until the blood pressure has reached very high, which is one of the biggest symptoms of hypertension.
  3. The most common factors of risk are poor lifestyle, weight, age, excessive smoking or consumption of alcohol.

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