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International Day of Yoga – 21 June

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International Day of Yoga

When it comes to their health, people will go to any length to ensure that they remain healthy, including experimenting with numerous approaches to achieve the desired outcomes. Although some people seek medical help, some want to experiment with various wellness diets, workouts, and yoga.

There is no doubt about the fact that Yoga is one of the best exercises to indulge in. Apart from just keeping us physically fit, Yoga plays a huge role in keeping us mentally fit as well. One must always try and practice Yoga every day without fail.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed a “Yoga Day” during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 27, 2014. India’s draft resolution was then supported by a total of 177 member states, a new high. On June 21, 2015, the inaugural International Day of Yoga was observed all around the world.

Since June 2015, this day has been observed worldwide to raise awareness about the health advantages of yoga and its many activities. This day aims to raise awareness about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of yoga practice.

Modi requested that June 21 be designated as the International Day of Yoga because it is the longest day of the Northern Hemisphere due to the Summer Solstice.

Yoga’s Importance

Yoga is a collection of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises in India and has roots in pre-Vedic Indian traditions. The ultimate goal of the practice is Moksha or emancipation, and it is to achieve the state of Samadhi in the classical Astanga yoga style. Yoga has helped hold the body and mind in good health since the 5th century in India.

Yoga is a holistic method that focuses on all of the body’s and mind’s systems. According to legend, asanas strengthen and stretch the body, improving health while also instilling confidence in the mind.

Pranayama is an excellent and effective complement to asanas for regulating the purification of the internal system and organs. These physical techniques generate energy in the body, which is subsequently funneled into meditation or Dhyan for stability, tranquility, and tranquility.

International Yoga Day has a long history

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed a day to celebrate and practice yoga in his 2014 address to the United Nations General Assembly, World Yoga Day was created.

PM Modi had said in his speech, “Yoga is a priceless gift from our ancient culture. Yoga is a holistic approach to our wellbeing and well-being that reflects the harmony of mind and body, thought, and action.

Yoga is more than simply a workout; it’s a method to rediscover your sense of oneness with yourself, the world, and nature.”

International Yoga Day’s Importance

The day has been observed annually on June 21 worldwide since 2015 to raise awareness about the health benefits of yoga and its various activities. It also aims to educate people about the physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits of practicing it.

PM Modi suggested June 21 because it is the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day of the year and has particular significance in many parts of the world.

What is the purpose of International Yoga Day?

  • Raise awareness of the advantages of yoga and help people connect with nature.
  • To lower the global prevalence of health-threatening disorders.
  • Promoting global prosperity, progress, and peace.
  • Using yoga to raise awareness of physical and mental ailments and provide solutions. It also seeks to cultivate a meditation habit for mental clarity and self-awareness, both of which are important for surviving in a stress-free environment.

Hence, this day was recently recognised as one of the national importance days, and people not just from the country, but across the world come in volumes to celebrate this day. Hence, one must celebrate Yoga day, not just on that one particular day, but it should be celebrated each day for the overall well-being of the individual’s mental and physical health.

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