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ExamsnapLean Six Sigma Certbolt Certifications: Basic Understanding of Features and Choosing Your Path

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Lean Six Sigma combines two well-known continuous improvement approaches, Lean and Six Sigma. These two methodologies lead to operational excellence in any organization. They offer the companies a clear direction in achieving their corporate and business objectives quickly and efficiently.

There are two keywords in the definition of Click here, which are Process and Improvement. It is worth looking into these two keywords. What is Process? This is a set of activities involved in the design and development of products or services. With the above definition, it is clear what Improvement is all about.

The employees must understand the current state of the organization’s process functions, and with this understanding, they can put measures in place to eliminate the inherent Examsnap barriers to providing optimal customer satisfaction. In summary, Process and Improvement are about eliminating waste, redefining the work process to improve products or services that deliver on customer satisfaction and organizational growth.

Advantages of using Lean Six Sigma

There is a continuous rise in costs and challenges for the companies. With the Lean Six Sigma process in place, the Examsnap organizations can enjoy a competitive advantage that will help them leverage resources to enhance performance. Some of the advantages that are associated with using Lean Six Sigma are as follows:

  • Streamline the business process for improved customer experience;
  • Develop highly effective process flows that drive better return on investments;
  • Process standardization, which leads to organizational agility to manage daily challenges;
  • Move from error detection to error prevention to remove waste and minimize cost;
  • Reduce lead times to enhance capacity and revenue generation.

What are Lean Six Sigma certification levels?

To allow you to learn the concepts and get your skills verified, there is a whole certification program with several levels at your disposal. Let’s take a closer look at them.

  • White Belt: A White Examsnap understands the goals and structure of Lean Six Sigma. These individuals use the terms and vocabulary of this methodology. They report the issues to the Green Belts and Black Belts.
  • Yellow Belt: The Yellow Belts understand the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma concepts and have the basic skills to use if needed. These specialists also report the issues to the Green Belts and Black Belts and also take part in projects.
  • Green Belt: The Examsnap Green Belts can perfectly manage the projects of Lean Six Sigma. They have expertise in the field but not as much as the Black Belts. They also offer training to the White Belts and Yellow Belts.
  • Black Belt: The Black Belts have advanced proficiency. They function as project leaders, coaches, teachers, and mentors on project teams. They report to the Master Black Belts in their organizations.
  • Master Black Belt: The Master Black Belts work with the business leaders and stakeholders to identify project gaps and select projects. They are responsible for the implementation of Lean Six Sigma and culture changes in their organization. These professionals lead and monitor projects and also function as mentors, coaches, and teachers in their project teams.


So, are you ready to start your Examsnap Lean Six Sigma certification journey? Choose your path and get the prep resources carefully. You will find many training courses that will guide you in developing competence. There are also exam dumps and practice tests that will help you prepare adequately for your prerequisite exams. Therefore, get all you need and go for it now!

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