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5 Myths About Solar Batteries and Solar Power in India

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The demand for renewable energy is increasing to mitigate the consequences of global warming that our ecosystem is experiencing due to growing pollution. We are surrounded by many renewable energy sources, particularly solar energy, which may be used all year.

Even if this is true, there is still some uncertainty about the advantages of solar energy and solar batteries. It’s time to end the cynicism about solar energy and improve its prospects for the future.

Top 5 Myths About Solar Batteries

Myth 1: When the Power Goes Out, All Solar Systems Continue to Work

During a power outage, a building powered by a grid-connected solar power system will lose power. However, during daytime power outages, buildings that are completely off the grid (off-the-grid) or run on a hybrid system will continue to use solar power.

For 100 per cent uptime, backups solar batteries are installed with off grid and hybrid systems. So, you’ll have power even if there’s a power outage if you install backup batteries. Solar batteries store power produced by solar panels in off-grid and hybrid systems.

Myth 2: Solar Power Generation Is More Efficient in Warmer Climates

Solar panels use the sun’s light rather than its heat to generate electricity. Solar panels lose efficiency as the temperature rises. During rainy seasons, solar panels do not shut down.

They continue to operate at around 50% efficiency. Furthermore, the excess energy generated during the summer months is available in energy credits/money to be used at periods when there isn’t as much solar energy available. Solar batteries store the excess energy generated that can be used later.

As a result, towns with moderate yearly temperatures, such as Bangalore, are better suited for solar than places with higher annual temperatures, such as Chennai.


Myth 3: Wind, Birds, Animals, And Other Factors Can All Cause Damage to Solar Panels

The dense bird population in India creates concerns about bird droppings on solar panels. However, bird droppings have only one effect on solar panels: they reduce efficiency.

Set up a scarecrow to keep the birds away and install the panels with enough maintenance space to avoid this. This will make cleaning the panels much easier. To get the most out of your investment, cleaning your panels once every 15 to 30 days is recommended. Toughened glass is used in solar panels to prevent easy breaking.

Myth 4: Manufacturing Solar Panels and Solar Batteries are Terrible for The Environment Because They Take More Energy Than They Produce.

The embodied energy of a product is the energy used to extract, refine, transport, and produce it. According to research, solar panels typically create enough energy to repay the embodied energy within 3-4 years.

However, in recent years, panel efficiency and manufacturing processes have improved dramatically, reducing the time required to make up for embodied energy.

As a result, if a panel produces energy efficiently for 20-25 years, the embodied energy will be easily repaid numerous times.

Myth 5: Solar Panels and Batteries Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

On the other hand, solar panels and batteries protect the roof area they cover from external influences like birds and weather. The panels themselves aren’t heavy or large enough to cause damage to the house’s roof. Solar installers are also well-trained and work with the roof’s condition to ensure optimum fit in utility and aesthetics.

Solar panels are customised to meet the demands of each household. For example, the angle and slope of your home’s roof are taken into account when calculating the cost of installing solar panels.

Furthermore, when constructing a roof, the surrounding region is taken into account to ensure that it is located in an area with easy access to sunlight and is not obscured by nearby trees or buildings. You should always buy solar panels and batteries from a reputed manufacturer like Luminous. Check out their website to know more.


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