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Essential Information to Know About Solar Power Plant

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Global warming is one of the most significant issues the world is facing right now. It’s time that we adopt eco-friendly habits. To make the world a better place to live, we all have to work together. The solar companies in India have taken the responsibility to save the earth.

The future is made worthwhile with success in utility, home installation techniques adopted by the solar companies in India. The Asian countries are dominating the market of the world, and China is the leading player. But things are changing.

The Indian market is also making it big due to the emergence of new solar companies and foreign investment in the market. The solar panel market is the fastest developing industry in India. The market for solar panels for homes is highly competitive.

Global Warming Led to Enhancements

We are all aware of the fact that our environment today is not at the best place where it should be at. Do you no who is to be blamed for this? We ourselves. This is high time that we all stop playing the blame game, and start reacting to the situation.

The problem is not that there is immense global warming and depletion of resources happening, but the problem today is that ‘There is no Action’ which is being taken and there are more words. However, now is the right time when us to move from here and start taking action.

It is not from today when there have been plenty of challenges with the way we have been using the resources, but this issue has been going on for decades.

Your next question might be then, why has everything hyped now? The problem is that, firstly, it is due to the population that things have become really messy. Over the years, the population has significantly gone up.

When the population has been rising at an obnoxious rate, but the resources still remain the same or have actually gone down, there will indeed be overutilization of resources. This is exactly what has led to global warming.

The global solar thermal market will show a growth rate of 5% by 2022, according to a recent report from Technavio. There has been a rising concern about environmental issues, giving a kickstart to the solar energy market.

The taxes rebates and the government initiatives also contribute to the rise in the solar panel market. In this article, we are going t see the top 10 solar companies in the Indian market. This will help you to choose the best solar panel.

Top 10 Solar Companies in India

Let’s look at why these companies are considered among the top 10 solar companies.

Adani Power

The Adani power has a remarkable name in the market. It also has the world’s largest location for solar plants. Adani also has completed some MW projects successfully. Adani can produce 12,410 MW thermal power energy; hence, it is the largest private thermal power company in India.

On the fortune India list of 2018, Adani power ranked at position 73. The organization also has a long-term PPA of about 9,153MW with Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. If you are looking for the best solar panels in India you must consider buying from Adani power

Tata Solar

Tata solar has it headquarter in Bengaluru and is one of the major players in residential rooftop segment. The oldest and the largest solar panel manufacturers in India is tata solar. It has a market share of 5.6% in the solar rooftop, making it the most significant player in the market.

The company has the capacity to produce 2,628 MW of renewable energy. India has the highest potential for solar energy as it is a tropical country. The company wants to increase the renewable energy source and make 35-40% energy from the clean energy source. The managing director of tata power is Praveen Sinha.

Jinko Solar

Jinko company has a strong market presence in the Indian solar sector. It was also awarded as the best Indian solar module company of the year.

The company has 15,000 employees and six production faculties situated in south Africa, Jiangxi, Xian Jiang provinces, Malaysia, China, Portugal, and even 16 overseas subsidiaries in Singapore, turkey, India, Germany, the United States, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, South Africa.

Eighteen global sales offices in Bulgaria, United Kingdom, China, Romania, Greece. Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Egypt, Costa Rica, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.

The organization is playing a critical role in driving the market. The company has built a solar product value chain vertically integrated with an annual capacity of 7.4 GW for solar cells, 10.5GW for silico wafers, and 12.6 GW for solar modules as of June 30, 2019.

Trina Solar

The organization believes that India has massive potential for the solar market. The company supplies more than 4,000 Megawatts of solar modules supply in India.

ACME Solar

Acme solar has captured some of the most significant projects since it has entered the Indian market. The organization has commissioned 2500+(MWp) under its construction.

The company has its presence in more than 12 states in India and is working on embracing new technology and towards a goal and mission beyond business expectations and profits. The company has the most significant project pipelines so far.

Vikram Solar

Vikram solar company is among the top 10 companies of India, is growing day by day, and planning to double its capacity to 2GW by the end of the year 2020. The company, formerly known as Vikram Solar Pt. Ltd, is acclaimed worldwide.

The company has expertise in providing the most efficient PV module and compressive EPX solution. The company has its presence in 6 countries with1040 MW+ EPC projects and 650MW+ projects O&M services projects in India and worldwide.

Waaree Energies

Waaree energizes undoubtedly know how to grab the opportunity in the market. It was primarily in PV module manufacturing but also started its manufacturing in the Indian rooftop segment due to its massive demand in the market.

The company has increased its capacity by 500 MW to 2,000 MW seeing the rise in the demand. The company has recently upgraded its manufacturing facilities to produce energy at around 5.7 MW per day. The company is situated in Gujarat and was founded in 1989 but headquartered is in Mumbai, is a financial hub.

The company provides rooftop solutions, EPC services, project development, solar water pumps, and Independent Power Producer. It has India’s largest solar Pv module manufacturing site situated in Surat and Umbergaon in Gujarat that can produce 2GW.


EMMVEE has expertise in manufacturing photovoltaic modules and systems for off-grid and on-grid applications. The company has its manufacturing site in Bengaluru.

Using state-of-the-art machinery; high-quality photovoltaic modules are produced. The brand name of the solar water heating system created by the EMMVEE is “solarize.” The company has an EMMVEE Project Development division that handles all the project work.

The company has tremendous experience in manufacturing solar PV modules and has technical expertise and an international network. EMMVEE has several projects related to the EPC of PV in India as well as across Europe.

The company provided tailor-made solutions for constructing PV projects and solar power plants of any category. The company has completed two projects consisting of free-field and rooftop installation in Germany.

Goldi Solar

Goldi solar is an Indian company but has made a significant market globally. It is considered one of the fastest PV module manufacturing companies in India. To meet the ever-increasing demand for the solar PV module, the company has increased its manufacturing capacity to 1 GW. It is the first company to be audited by SOLARBUYER, USA.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is giant in the solar market; it maintains the solar power plant portfolio and has a resale value of $ 1.p0 billion. The company meets the need and demand for 10 million homes with over 36GW module shipment. The company also delivers 6.6GW of solar modules worldwide.

The company also has a world record of producing   22.80 conversion efficiency for manufacturing p-type large area multi-crystalline silicon solar cells.In September 2019 the company was certified by Germany’s Institute für Solar energieforschung GmbH (ISFH).

These were the top 10 companies that provide the best solar panels in India. If you are looking for a solar panel for your home, do research about how solar panels work and then go for the best one. Consider buying transparent solar panels as they are great. hope you enjoyed reading and found it insightful

Best Solar Panels Companies to Check Out:

Indeed, we have given an exhaustive list above, but do not limit yourself to just the companies. When it comes to choosing solar panels, one needs to be ultra-cautious and make a wise decision.

Doing proper and thorough research is something which will in the end give you benefits. It is no doubt very easy to choose any company when you randomly look at it, but the real problem arises on the after-effects of it.

No doubt, solar panels are a hot topic that is very much in demand, that is why there are also multiple companies who are there trying to sell their supplies, but the real thing is to get your hands on the right one.

Do rely on recommendations, but do your own homework, come up with the right thing, and then accordingly proceed with the selection of your company, about how you want to take it forward in the long run, indeed.

Conclusion: With multiple measures in the pipeline to combat the issue of global warming, indeed solar panels were one of the most effective ones no doubt.

There is no doubt about the fact that there has been a constant improvement in the way things have been, and people have been using solar panels in large numbers, but still, there is a long way to go with this.

One very important point to note is that all we have done is borrowed the resources from mother nature. We should not be selfish and keep exploiting them, rather we should all take ownership and act responsibly.

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