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Fashion victim—Skinny jeans become an accidental wardrobe!

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Beauty can be terrible, and for fashion lovers sometimes it hits you real hard.

So was the case with a 35 year old “fashion victim,” who collapsed at Adelaide Park during the night, as her skinny jeans stopped blood flow through her calves, making her legs weak and imbalanced instantly.

Image Source:  curvy fashionista

It coaxed her to helplessly crawl from the park at the night to seek for help from anyone on the roads. According to the Consultant Neurologist at the Adelaide Royal Hospital who treated the “fashion victim,” the lady was busy helping her relatives do some house cleaning, and wore a pair of skinny jeans even though she felt it was “too tight.”

According to the doctor, the condition of the lady on her arrival to the Adelaide Royal Hospital was so terrible, that the doctors had to actually cut the jeans from her legs in order to pay attention to her problem areas.

Her calves were all swollen due to lack of blood flow and she was in immense pain. Although now her condition has stabilized, she is yet to take some time to fully recover from joint pains and ankle injuries caused by the fashion tragedy.

Well, although the joke that says “wear skinny jeans only if you have skinny genes,” is a little harsh to ears, it cannot be completely denied that one must dress according to body type, and comfort must be the utmost priority.

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