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Invention of Chaturanga or Chess Game

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History of Chaturanga or Chess

Ages ago during the reign of the Gupta Dynasty during 280-550CE the foundation stone of the globally famous game of Chess was laid in India. The term “chaturanga” is a Sanskrit term, which when translated into English, literally means “an army with four divisions.” The Arabians, as well as the Persians, credit India as the source and root from where the game of Chess originated.

In ancient Persian literature, Chess is called “Chatrang” and in Arabian, it is called “Shatranj,” both of which are derived from the Sanskrit term—Chaturanga.

Right after its origination, it became quite popular among the Indian masses, and by the 10th century it was already widespread across the world, through pilgrims and traders who would visit India. It reached Europe through the medium of Persians who came for trading purposes to India. As on today, it is one of the most popular indoor games, which requires intellect, understanding and calculative skills.

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