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How to Get Rid of Dandruff?

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It is easy to hold our genetics accountable for a lot of reasons, like a crooked nose or a receding hairline, but dandruff is not on this list! Yes, you might not catch this flaky infection on purpose, but your habits may worsen the situation. The good thing is since your poor hair care practices lead to dandruff, you can get rid of them by maintaining a few healthy habits.

First, you should identify what kind of hair routine is causing more flakes. Let us find out whether it is your shampoo or the dandruff lotion you picked without checking the details!

Bad Habits To Get Rid Of To Treat Dandruff: Know All 4!

Our haircare habits need to be checked when we start observing more strands on the brush and white flakes on the shoulder. You should also know what you are doing that worsens the condition of your scalp and causes dandruff.

While maintaining a healthy diet is the bare minimum you need to do for healthy hair, it is also necessary to get rid of a few poor habits to say goodbye to those white flakes! Read on to identify all these practices and learn how you can use a dandruff lotion to get rid of dandruff!

Identifying all the silly mistakes that cause us hair problems is just a start to healthy hair!

#1 Using Shampoo Once A Week!

How often do you shampoo your hair? If the count does not exceed once a week, you are likely to develop more dandruff. For dandruff affected people, shampooing 2-3 times a week is mandatory. If you use a mild shampoo, you may increase the count to four!

#2 Leaving Oil On The Scalp Overnight

Oily scalp causes the dead cells to feed on the extra moisture and shred more often. As advised by most dermatologists, people suffering from dandruff should not let hair oil sit on their scalp for more than an hour.

#3 Applying Greasy Hair Serums To The Scalp

Keeping the scalp or hair roots greasy is the major mistake you can make! If you use hair serums to detangle your hair, ensure using this product just on the hair length. For your scalp, use a dandruff lotion that will provide the required nourishment.

#4 Employing Styling Tools Daily

If you are in the habit of strengthening, curling or perming your hair too often, you must also be using heat protectants and other hair care products.

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Ways To Getting Rid Of Dandruff: Rectify The Mistakes

You can get rid of dandruff by avoiding the bad habits and adopting a few good ones in your daily routine. Make a note of all the facts shared here to observe a difference.

Use An Anti-Dandruff Shampoo & Conditioner

Use a shampoo that meets your hair needs and eliminates dandruff effectively. Do not switch between shampoos from different brands. Also, do not forget to use a conditioner to prevent frizziness, as most anti-dandruff shampoos are likely to leave the hair dry.

Do Not Skip The Dandruff Lotion

The purpose of a dandruff lotion is to stay on the scalp and keep the flakes at bay. A branded and well-balanced lotion can help remove flaky clumps from the scalp without ripping off its natural texture.

Do Not Leave Oily Scalp Unattended

If you leave hair oils to stay in your hair for hours or overnight, you might notice a severe buildup in dandruff. Your scalp has to remain clean and dry for the longest period possible. Therefore, apply oil to your hair just half an hour before shampooing hair.

Shampoo Your Hair Often

You should not have more than a 2-3 days gap between your shampoo sessions to get dandruff-free hair. Dirt and oil clog up the scalp and precipitate the flakes, resulting in a severe condition. Wash your hair as often as you can or every alternate day, keeping the quality of your hair in check.

Avoid Itching The Scalp!

Although it is challenging to avoid the constant itchy sensation that dandruff causes on the scalp, you must try to refrain from scratching your head as much as possible.

Tweak Your Regular Diet

A healthy diet is an answer to all skin and health problems, including dandruff. You must consume a diet rich in vitamins, zinc and minerals. Consult your nutritionist for more details and updates on what to eat and what to avoid!

The Bottom Line

Now that you know all the habits that can trigger dandruff, you can start following a tailored approach to getting rid of the white flakes! Also, employ a proper dandruff lotion to treat this fungal infection seriously. Pick a reliable brand for the products you use for this purpose. Go through the product line of all the top brands to identify the most suitable one for you!

Dandruff is a treatable and preventable infection that affects our scalp for various reasons. You should say no to all the poor habits that may cause a severe condition. Also, use well-balanced and harmless products to see a visible difference!

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