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All you need to know about artificial disc replacement

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If you are suffering from debilitating pain and reduced mobility as a result of a degenerative and/or herniated disc, it may be time to look for surgical options.

Artificial disc replacement (ADR), also known as total disc replacement (TDR), is a procedure that is used to correct tingling, pain, and loss of mobility caused by a degenerative or herniated disc.

Discs serve as shock absorbers between each of the vertebral bones. This is an important feature of the discs as these help transmit loads through the vertebral column. For example, when you jump out of a chair, the discs disperse about two-thirds of the load or pressure that passes through your spine.

How does ADR work?

Most spine surgeons do minimally invasive artificial disc replacement surgery. Surgeons performing minimally invasive artificial disc replacement enter the body from the body’s front rather than making an incision in the back or neck. Internal organs are slowly shifted to one side, and the problematic disc can be removed without causing any damage to the surrounding muscles.

After removing the problem disc, the lower and upper plates of the artificial joint are attached to the vertebrae. A center piece, also called central core, is then inserted. The center piece allows motion that happens between the plates, which allows the spine to bend and rotate.

2 types of artificial disc replacement

  1. Lumbar (lower back) disc replacement – Your surgeon will make a 7-10 cm incision near your belly button in your abdomen to replace an intervertebral lumbar disc. They will move your intestines out of the way so they can have access to the spine, taking care not to hurt them or any nearby veins and arteries. This part of the operation may be handled by a vascular surgeon or a general surgeon. Your surgeon smooths the surfaces of the vertebrae after removing the diseased disc. The surgeon then inserts and screws metal plates into each vertebra and then wedges a polymer core between them to replace the disc. Your vertebrae is finally connect to the metal plates.
  2. Cervical (neck) disc replacement – To reach your cervical spine and replace an intervertebral cervical disc, surgeon makes a 3-4 cm incision in the front of your neck. They then remove the affected disc and smooth the vertebral surfaces. After inserting and screwing metal plates into each vertebra, the surgeon wedges a silicone core between them to replace the disc. Your vertebrae finally connect to the metal plates.

Cost of Artificial disc replacement in India

India has received global recognition for its innovation in healthcare and promising Disc Replacement Surgery technology. India has some of the best hospitals for Disc Replacement Surgery.

The minimum to maximum lowest cost is between $6500-$8000.

Depending on the complexity of the case, hospital, and technique, the cost can vary.


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