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Everything to Know About Covishield vs. Covaxin

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Covid-19 was one of the biggest disasters we went through indeed! The truth is COVID-19 is still not over yet. The first wave was the one that shook all of us and literally made us get locked up in our houses.

When we saw some silver lining and things started to open up, there was a spur in the cases again and then there it was – The second wave! This time people were massively affected as they were not vaccinated.

Thanks to the medical centers of many countries including India, who worked day and night, leaving no stone unturned in coming up with effective vaccines against this deadly virus.

Now with so many viruses coming in, again there ought to be confusion in the minds of people. Out of all the vaccines which came up, the two most prominent ones were Covishield and Covaxin.

Hence, in this article, we are going to discuss in length the two and understand what is the difference between the two, what makes the two unique, and finally which one to go for at the end.

covishield vs. covaxin – Detailed Review:

With so many vaccines available out there, it becomes pretty challenging for people or even understands the difference between covishield vs. covaxin. The first phase of vaccination will always be for the frontline workers as they work hard for the country every day.

The drug controller has given the nod to the two vaccines to fight against the novel covid19. All the states have run dried vaccines already, but people don’t need to stress as the government will ensure that the population gets vaccinated soon.

India has already entered the third phase of vaccination, under which everyone above 18 years old is eligible to get the covid19 vaccine. But to get the vaccine, one needs to register themselves COWIN site or app.

The registration is compulsory as everything is updated. As of now, covishield and covaxin are available in India, but soon it is expected that foreign vaccines, including Sputnik V, would be open to the public.

It is way different from other vaccination phases in the country, as, under this phase, the vaccines are likely to be available in both private and state hospitals. The public needs to pay some price to get the covid19 vaccine which the respective state governments design.

But some states, including Kerala, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Maharashtra, and Goa, have declared free vaccination to everyone around. But before deciding which vaccine to take, one needs to understand covaxin vs. covishield.

Above all, vaccination drives have been open for 18+ in India, which is undoubtedly a big move to curb the deadly virus. However, there are several reports which show shortages and unavailability of slots.

There is also a huge question that covaxin vs. covishield which is better.  Do some people also doubt that they need one jab or more? Additionally, vaccination drive is delayed because people wish to get one vaccine over another.

Furthermore, the delayed gap between covishield’s dosing schedule and immune protection tends to contemplate now which vaccine to choose. Hence there is a dilemma between which is better covaxin or covishield.

The vaccines available in India include Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin and Serum Institute of India marketed Covishield. Both the vaccines are likely to have a good nod and carry reasonable, comparable efficiency rates which align with the WHO standards.

The covishield and covaxin are ideally routine vaccines that are developed in somewhat similar methods. Many people are stressed about covaxin or covishield, which is better, but the dilemma is solved here. All you need to do is keep reading here.

Developers and manufacturers

In association with e Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Institute of Virology (NIV), Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech International Limited has developed the Covaxin.

On the flip side, Oxford University, in collaboration with AstraZeneca, has developed cavitied. In India, it has been manufactured by Pune’s Serum Institute.

As Pharmeasy, Covaxin tends to be inactivated vaccine as it has been prepared on some tried and tested platforms of several dead viruses.

The vaccine had been developed featuring Whole-Virion Inactivated Vero Cell-derived technology. It contains inactivated viruses that can’t infect a human being but can still easily teach our immune system to prepare a defense mechanism against the deadly virus.

On the flip side, as per pharmacy, covishield has been prepared using the viral vector section, which features a way different technology. A chimpanzee adenovirus – ChAdOx1 had been modified to carry the covid19 virus protein is ideally incapable of infecting you but can indeed teach your immune system to prepare some mechanism against some viruses.

The development of vaccines

Covishield is likely to use the replica deficient chimpanzee viral vector based on the weekend versions of the typical cold virus that causes infections, especially in chimpanzees, and contains the genetic material of SARS-CoV-2 virus spike protein.

Once you get vaccinated, the surface of the spike protein which is likely to be produced that prime into the inside of the immune system to attacks the SARS-CoV-2 virus if it affects the body in the future.

Covaxin is an inactivated vaccine that is developed by killing the living organisms which cause the disease. Thus, it tends to destroy the pathogen’s ability to replicate. Still, it aims to keep it similar so that your immune system can easily recognize it and produce some responsibility for your immune.

Bharat biotech said that there are several inactivated vaccines against Hepatitis A, Influenza, Polio, Rabies as they offer excellent protection.

Trial and efficacy

As per the drug controller, the serum institute of India submitted information of phase 1 clinical trial, which conducted at least 23,745 overseas participants concluding an overall result of 70.42 percent efficacy. Under the phase two and three trials, there were at least 1600 participants, and as per the drug controller, the results were quite comparable to the first phase.

On the flip side, Bharat biotech conducted only two trials: phase one and two trials on at least 800 participants besides several animal trials. Under the third trial, there had been 22500 participants. But the vaccine has been relatively safe and effective as per the drug controller.


As per the Union health minister, the frontline workers are likely to get free vaccines across the country. But for the general public, the cost has been clarified, and everyone needs to consider it.

Covaxin costs at least Rs.600 per dose for various states, while it would cost Rs.1200 per dose in private hospitals. For the center, it would cost around Rs.150. The covishield, on the other hand, costs RS.400 per dose to states, while it would cost RS.600 to private hospitals and it would cost Rs. 150 to the center.


Ideally, covaxin can be stored at two to eight degrees centigrade, while covishield can be stored at two to eight degrees centigrade. The storage process is different, though.


For covaxin, you need to take at least two doses of covaxin. You can take the second jab after a given interval of at least four or six weeks after the first jab. Even for covishield, you need to take two jabs, and it should be within a given time frame between four to eight weeks after your first dose.


As per experts, covaxin has reported efficacy of at least 78 percent in its second interim, and it is likely to be 100% protective against the severe covid19 virus.

On the flip side, covishield has recorded an overall efficiency of 70 percent, but it cannot be above 90 percent if you have taken a half dose followed by a total dose in the given timeframe.

Who should take the covaxin vaccine?

Covaxin has been proven to be quite effective against the deadly virus, and it might not even work in preventing some mutants.

The vaccine is likely to be a typical model which carries some side effects, and information collected from vaccination so far has proved that covaxin delivers minimum side effects, including fever, redness, or pain during injection.

Covaxin is your best bet if you are stressed about pains or some side effects. Currently, covaxin has a minimum dosing timeline that means doses would be given only 4 to 6 apart. But one needs to consider the covaxin side effects when choosing a vaccine type.

If you have a history of blood clotting, then also you should take covaxin. You must know that side effects are likely to show up differently on all bodies, and they would be resolved in a while.

Who should take Covishield now?

One of the first vaccines approved for use in India by the government is covishield. But the vaccine tends to have intense side effects than covaxin. The side effects are mainly seen in younger adults. Covishield is offered primarily for older people or the ones suffering from severe comorbidities.

But when it comes to perks, one must know that covishield mounts more antibodies than Covaxin. If you have weak immunity, you must consider covishield without any second thoughts.

Wrap up:

You need to know that both the vaccines are equally effective even if they don’t prevent the virus altogether, but they surely minimize the severity or morality risk regarding infection. The citizens need to make an informed decision while choosing the vaccine.

It is better to get any vaccine than to get no vaccine at all. You need to consider the prices when getting jabbed if you have a high budget, you can choose private hospitals. If not, you can select civil hospitals.

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