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Illustrations & meanings of 30 common symbols that you see in your dreams

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Human mind is an uncanny vessel that houses infinite things, some of which we consciously understand, and some, which lie engraved deep in our subconscious mind. It is always a subject without much explanation as to why we see a certain dream and what further adds to the weirdness is when we see a similar dream more than once, and yet we remain helplessly clueless about its interpretations.

However, it is not that the world of dreams and visions is a completely dark tunnel. Sometimes, fortunately, we do have some explanations and meanings for the kind of dreams we see, in our everyday lives. Here are interpretations of around 20 common symbols that one might encounter in their dreams.

– You being chased

These dreams generally mean that you are afraid of someone, or something. You feel threatened and that makes you nervous.

– Examinations

It’s an illustration of the kind of self evaluation you do for yourself. Some tests in life, which you desperately want to pass.

– Babies

It signifies the natural tendency of an individual to procreate and give birth to a new life.


It can either mean your love for these living beings and your appreciation of life that is beyond humans, or that you feel belittled and hence, see yourself being attacked by a species which is physically more powerful than you are.

– Clothes

This mainly signifies the urge in you to have a change that’s so visible that it garners everyone’s attention towards you. It’s the influence of the overly modern world where you want to prove yourself better than anyone else.

– Food

It can be either your love for food or your hunger to have a lot in life.


Dreams with these symbols mainly reflect your spiritual and religious beliefs.


It can mean you are too afraid to lose a close one, or if you have already lost someone, your conscience is grieving for the tragedy.

– Flawed machines

It generally reflects your fear of failure at work in life.

– Falling

It’s the most common and generally means you are very apprehensive about letting go of things and moving on.


It can be your old house, with which you have many strings of memories attached, or a house where you want to be in and build new memories.


It can either be about losing your hair, and going bald, or about a libido that craves for sexual instances.


They reflect the negativity in your thoughts, something which you definitely need to get rid of.


Tied hands show your feeling of helplessness about some things in life.


It generally is about your desires about getting betrothed and building a new life with someone.


It doesn’t necessarily mean your urge to murder someone, but actually a part of you that you don’t like and want to be gone.


It’s about evaluating whether the direction you have chosen in life is correct or not.


It signifies your underlying desires of having an intimacy with someone, and to gain recognition for who you are.


Seeing dreams of loss of teeth actually reflect your apprehension of being left out, and fear of being unattractive.


It signifies your thoughts about some people whom you admire.

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