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4 tips to maintain healthy hair this winter

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The prime concerns of women when it comes to winter are hair care and skincare. While we discussed in our previous release how to tend to your skin this winter, here we give you five quick tips on how to maintain healthy hair this chilly winter—

Tips to maintain healthy hair

  1. A hat is your best friend this winter

In order to protect your hair from getting tangled and being affected from the chilly breeze, it’s great to wear a hat in style, complimenting your outfit. However, we know how dreadful it can be to wear a hat with static playing it’s never ending role in winters. Not to worry! You need to just wrap your hair carefully in a silk scarf before putting on the hat, and voila! No static glitch, and full on style!

  1. Deep conditioning is necessary

Winters tend to take away the natural moisture from your hair, making them appear dull, brittle and lifeless. Hence, it is important that you make it a point to get a deep conditioning treatment done once every week, or in two weeks to make sure the moisture in your hair is restored.

  1. Regular trims

This is not just for the winters but the entire year per se. Split ends are more common during the cool months of winter, thanks to the dryness that comes to hair and skin by default. So make sure you get a trim once every two months to avoid the unnecessary split ends.

  1. Don’t wash your hair too often

Keep hair wash to a minimum, and try doing that only thrice a week, otherwise it will wash away the natural moisture from your hair. Also, make sure that you dry your hair properly without stepping out of the house else you will readily catch cold with the winter breezes outside.


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