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3 mistakes you are making that make your hair look thinner

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Thin, voluminous and shiny hair is every girl’s dream when it comes to beauty and fashion. However, these days it won’t be completely wrong to say that every girl is bothered by problems related to hair, be it hair fall, thinning or simply dandruff.

While a healthy regime is necessary to ensure your hair care routine is good enough to get strong and bouncy hair, there are some important things that you can do in your day to day life to rule out the possibility of your hair looking dull and thin. On that note, here are three common mistakes almost every girl makes that make their hair look thinner—

Avoid 3 mistakes for hair

  1. Flat ironing the ends

Regular heating and flat ironing the hair not just damages it, but also makes it look thinner than usual. The case gets worse when you start flat ironing the extreme ends of your hair, making it look blatantly dull and volume-less. Instead, you must opt for some soft curls towards the ends of your hair to make it appear more voluminous and bouncy.

  1. The holding down with conditioner

Yes, a conditioner after a hair wash is essential but it can certainly go wrong if you are not properly rinsing it down. When not properly washed out, conditioner can weigh your hair down, making it look not just greasy but also thin.

  1. You are not getting layers on your hair

Long hair weighs more, and hence it pulls your hair down, giving a dull and thin appearance to your hair, and also at times, making your forehead look wider. You must consult a good hairdresser and ask her to get you the right layered haircut, so that your hair looks more bouncy and you also enjoy a good face cut appearance with the new hairdo.

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