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Natural Ways To Have Long, Healthy, Shiny Hair

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Long, voluminous, shiny hair is a dream of every woman and if you can invest little time every day to work towards it, it is not something difficult to achieve.

Below are some of the easy and natural ways you can have long and healthy hair

Tips for Long and Healthy Hair

  1. Make it a point to trim your hair every 6-8 weeks

Damaged ends, also known as spilt ends hinder your hair growth and texture like nothing else. Hence, you need to regularly trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to ensure damage free hair, healthy hair growth.

  1. Make time for treating your hair with a hair mask

Natural homemade hair masks are perfect for the nourishment of your hair, especially the lower ends as they are the oldest of your entire hair length. You can mix two egg whites with lemon juice, apply it on the length of your hair, leave it for 10 minutes and then wash it with shampoo. You can also lookup for a list of other homemade hair masks on the web.

  1. Don’t forget the scalp therapy

Your hair needs to be stronger from the roots to grow healthy and long, and this means you need to keep your scalp healthy and clean. When oils and dirt get accumulated in your scalp, it weakens your hair roots leading to hair fall. Make sure you gently massage your scalp well during shampoo and treat dandruff if you have them.

  1. Say no to harsh chemicals on hair

We know this is easier said than done, but if healthy, shiny, long hair is your goal right now, you got to say no to those harsh chemicals, because the more amount of products you use, the more you will damage your hair!

  1. Try air drying your hair more

Don’t blow dry your hair unless it’s absolutely necessary. Also, try not to go for that big fat towel turban after a hair wash, because that may cause hair breakage and you wouldn’t want that. Always try it go the natural way and let your hair air dry.

  1. Eat healthy and take hair supplements if required

A healthy diet is a must if you want to have gorgeous long tresses. Make sure you incorporate a lot of protein in your diet, through dairy, nuts, fish, pulses, eggs, soya, etc. You can also take some hair supplements loaded with biotin, protein, and zinc, if your diet isn’t helping you much with achieving those long locks.

  1. Make sure you’re not dehydrated

Drinking a lot of water is a must for healthy skin and hair. Your body needs to stay hydrated as dehydration can cause too much dryness in your skin as well as hair, leading them to become brittle and break.

  1. Say no to too much heat styling

Heat styling through straighteners or curling irons can do more damage to your hair than you can probably think of. So don’t heat style your hair a little too much, and always make sure to use a heat protection spray every time you apply heat to your hair.

Keep in mind all these essential tips and you will totally have that mission of long and healthy hair accomplished!


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