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5 Super Hair Care Tips You Should Definitely Follow This Winter

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Summers may be gone and you may think that now with no harsh heat and terrible humidity, your hair won’t go through any new trouble!

Here’s the catch! Like summers, winters too bring in a new set of problems for hair, some of which are dryness, making the hair brittle, flakiness, dandruff, frizziness, and many more.

It is thus essential that you know some important tricks beforehand in order to combat all these issues.

Here are 5 super hair care tips that you can definitely put to use this winter—

5 super hair care tips

  1. Avoid dandruff this way

Dandruff is a result of dry scalp and flakiness. In order to fight this problem, make sure you apply hot hair to your hair and scalp that is mixed with lemon juice and keep it on for at least 30 minutes before shampooing your hair. This simple process works best to wipe off all unwanted dandruff from your scalp. You can also apply the lemon juice solo, and follow it up with shampoo.

  1. Chalk out the frizziness from your hair this way

Due to the static during winters, your hair is bound to become frizzy and brittle. The best way to avoid this is using hairbrushes that are vented and have broad and plastic bristles. Alongside, whenever you take a shower, make sure you wash your hair with only lukewarm water and condition your hair properly to keep them smooth. Too much hot water will only dry your hair further and make them more frizzy.

  1. Restore your hair’s shine this way

Due to all the dryness, your hair in winter often appears dull and damaged. The best way to fight this is using a honey mask, wherein you apply honey all over your hair’s roots as well as the hair as a whole, avoiding the scalp. Keep it on for 30 minutes with the help of a shower cap, and shampoo the hair properly. You will soon see your hair become shiny and attractive once again.

  1. Make sure you dry your hair properly

During winters, the moisture in the air makes it difficult for washed hair to get dried up quickly. However, if you are in a hurry, you need to make sure you dry your hair thoroughly before leaving the house, as even a little wet hair can cause you not just cold and fever, but also damage your hair and scalp. Make sure you rather use a hairdryer to wipe off all wetness from your hair rather than step out of the house otherwise.

  1. Conditioning is the key

Alongside oiling, conditioning is the best key to healthy hair during the winters. Make sure to condition your hair using natural resources or products best suited for your hair, at least twice a week to ensure your hair stays smooth, shiny, and healthy.

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