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Does Taking Hair Growth Tablets for Hair Loss Actually Work?

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Hair loss is a very common problem in India, where both the air and water make it unsuitable for hair to flourish and stay healthy for long. Extreme pollution can cause extensive damage to hair follicles and excessive shedding of hair.

It becomes quite challenging to maintain hair quality, and most people experience severe hair fall issues. Shampoos and conditioners rarely make a difference since most of the available products are ridden with chemicals and sulfates, which make hair brittle and cause split ends.

Taking hair spa treatments might help to some extent but let’s not forget the fact that they are expensive and don’t have long-lasting results. Hair loss tablets are a way to combat hair fall problems and provide people with their dream hair.

What are hair loss or hair growth tablets?

Hair growth tablets are a newly emerging product that promises to replenish hair and prevent hair loss. These tablets work for the long run and promote hair growth by providing adequate nutrients to the body. Hair loss tablets are rich in biotin, collagens, vitamins, which help provide nourishment to the scalp.

Hair loss is a serious problem, and sometimes people do not realise that their hair shedding might be a sign of deficiency in their body. Hair loss tablets seek to stabilise the body by ensuring it has all the essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair.

How to use hair growth tablets?

Hair growth tablets can be found at any pharmaceutical shop or online at beauty stores. People who visit dermatologists in the case of unnatural hair loss are also prescribed these tablets to solve the issue. These tablets work as food supplements that need to be consumed by people lacking adequate vitamins and minerals.

Hair loss tablets are taken after meals, preferably after a heavy meal in the daytime. One tablet daily will significantly improve your chances of growing new hair and controlling hair loss.

Do Hair Growth Tablets Actually Work?

Yes, hair growth tablets will work up to a certain extent if your hair fall problems are rooted in vitamin and protein deficiency. You will note that most of these tablets contain Biotin, which influences the hair’s protein structure.

People who suffer from a deficiency of vitamins or do not take proper proteins in their diet will find tablets to be extremely helpful. Other vitamins will help strengthen your hair to avoid easy breakage. These supplements will provide you with all the nutrients required to repair your hair and prevent incessant hair fall.

These products are popular in the present market, and people are keen to learn about them. It is natural to sceptical about any new product that claims to work magic on the hair. When the product needs to be ingested, people become extra careful to ensure they are not eating anything harmful for the body.

While these tablets work, it is essential to note that these should be taken along with a healthy diet, exercise, and proper sleep. Focusing on your overall health is necessary, along with taking health supplements.

Limitations and Side Effects of Hair Growth Tablets

Hair growth tablets can work wonders on your hair if you know what you are doing. Sometimes, genetics and external factors may prevent the tablets from working to a certain extent. Like any other product, these tablets may have some limitations. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you take these tablets:

  • Read the pack of the tablets carefully to make sure it doesn’t contain any allergens. Stop eating the tablets if you see an allergic reaction.
  • We would recommend taking a consultation with any dermatologist before starting a course.
  • Watch the dosage of hair loss supplements to ensure you don’t over increase your vitamin levels.
  • Children under 18 should not be given these supplements. If the hair loss seems unnatural, consult a doctor before having the tablets.
  • Pregnant women can safely use these as they don’t contain contraceptive elements. However, it would be ideal to consult with a doctor for dosage. Prenatal vitamins should be avoided when consuming these.


Hair growth tablets are actually beneficial to everyone with hair fall problems. Yes, it does have some limitations, but you have to remember that no product will magically give you long voluminous hair in a short time.

Hair fall up to an extent is natural and unavoidable so stopping it completely is not possible. With hair growth tablets, hair fall can be managed as they can significantly slow down hair loss by enriching your hair with protein and making them unbreakable.

Therefore, you can take these supplements if you want to control hair growth. However, you must try to get a consultation with a doctor to pinpoint the exact cause of your hair loss.

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