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5 ways to make your hair grow faster

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Healthy and shiny hair is a top point in every girl’s wish list. Pollution, sun exposure and lack of maintenance due to our busy schedules often make our hair suffer, resulting in dull, brittle and damaged hair, which becomes so frustrating that we end of chopping those once beautiful locks off and then dig our faces into the pillows, crying over missing those long tresses.

Well, maybe those frustration days are over, as here are five quick tips on how you can make your hair grow long and keep it healthy at the same time—

Tips for Healthy and Shiny Hair

Oil and hair masks

Apply oil and hair masks at least once every week to let your hair have all the essential nutrients to boost its growth. The hair that touches your shoulder or back is actually way too old and for obvious reasons, needs much more maintenance. Hence, an oil massage is vital and so is a hair mask made of natural ingredients such as curd, macademia, and jojoba oil.

Try satin pillowcases instead of cotton ones

Studies have suggested that using cotton pillowcases causes more friction in hair when you sleep causing them to break more, resulting in more tangles. Hence, it is wise to switch to satin pillowcases in order to avoid such problems.

Don’t wrap your hair in a big towel

While it certainly looks cool after a refreshing shower, it certainly isn’t cool for your hair as it causes hair breakage, resulting in a frizzy appearance of your tresses. Let your hair stay loose after you shower and once they are a bit dry, apply a smoothening serum to avoid tangles and let them breathe to enhance their growth.

Try some supplements

A balanced diet is essential for a healthy body, be it for healthy skin or hair, and although you might think you are getting all the needful nutrients, you might be actually missing out on some important ones which boost hair growth. Try taking biotin supplements, including other necessary vitamins that can help your hair grow faster.

A little trim never hurt anyone

Its clichéd, but its true—sometimes your hair needs a bit of those scissors to give them a trim from the bottom. This not just omits the unwanted split ends but also triggers hair growth. Hence, a trim once every 3-4 months is essential for promoting hair growth.

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