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About Tangkhul Language

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About Tangkhul Language

Also known by the name of Tangkhul Naga, Tangkhul language belongs to the family of Sino-Tibetan languages and comes under the Tangkhul branch.

It is primarily spoken in the north-eastern states of India, precisely in Manipur, Nagaland, as well as Tripura. According to the 2001 census of India, the language is spoken by a population of approximately 1,40,000 people.

The Hunphun dialect is the standard dialect of the language, and Tangkhul is spoken by people residing in around 168 villages spread over the state of Manipur, in its Ukhrul district.

The other speakers are spread over Nagaland and Tripura. The other dialects of the language are: Khunggoi dialect, Khangoi dialect, the Kupome dialect—also known as the Luhupa dialect commonly, and lastly, the Phadang dialect.

Coming to the script used for write-ups in Tangkhul language, it is the Latin script. The Tangkhul branch of languages actually have four languages, these are: the Indian Tangkhul, the Somra—that is the Burmese Tangkhul, the Akyaung Ari, and finally the Maring.

Although the language is completely different from other Naga languages, it happens to be a dialect continuum, which means people from close by villages can still understand Tangkhul to quite an extent.

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