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About Thadou Language

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Thadou Language

A common language in the Kukish branch of languages, Thadaou is known by many other names, such as: Thado, Thado-Ubiphei, Thado-Pao, and Thaadou.

It belongs to the family of Sino-Tibetan languages and is primarily spoken in the northeastern regions in the country of India, as well as in the country of Myanmar. According to the 2001 census, the Thadou language has approximately 2,70,000 native speakers.

Coming to the geographical distribution of the language in the north eastern states, in the state of Manipur, it is spoken by the following districts: Chandel district, Senapati district, Churachandpur district, and Tamenglong district. It is spoken in the Kohima district of the state of Nagaland, some parts of Assam, in north-eastern parts of the state of Mizoram, and in some parts of Tripura.

The Thadou language has a long list of dialects used. These are: Changsen, Jangshen, Kaokeep, Khongzai, Kipgen, Langiung, Sairang, Thangngen, Hawkip, Shithlou, and Singson (Shingsol). The intelligibility between all these dialects is quite highly mutual.

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