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About Konyak Language

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Belonging to the family of Sino-Tibetan languages, Konyak is mainly spoken in the northeastern state of Nagaland in India, precisely by the Konyak people.

According to the census of 2001 in India, there are approximately 2,50,000 native speakers of the language.

Coming to the technical and lexical aspects of the language, Konyak has three contour tones—the rising tone, that is marked by the acute accent, next is the falling, that is marked by the grave accent, and lastly, the level tone, which is unmarked by accent.

While the standard dialect of Konyak language is called Tableng, the language has a wide range of dialects used extensively. These are: Angphang, Hopao, Changnyu, Chen, Chingkao, Chinglang, Choha, Gelekidoria, Jakphang, Longching, Longkhai, Longmein, Longwa, Mon, Mulung, Ngangching, Sang, Shanlang, Shunyuo, Shengha, Sima, Sowa, Shamnyuyanga, Tableng (Angwangku, Kongon, Mohung, Wakching), Tabu, Tamkhungnyuo, Tang, Tobunyuo, Tolamleinyua, and Totok.

The Konyak language has a list of seven vowels, and a list of 16 consonants.

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