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About Kokborok Language

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Also known by other names such as the Borok language, Kak-borok and Tripuri, Kokborok is a predominant language in India, mainly spoken by the Tripuri people residing in the Indian state of Tripura, where it is among some of their native languages.

It is also spoken by minor groups in some parts of the Indian states of Assam and Mizoram. Other than that, it is also spoken by a sum of people in the neighboring countries of Bangladesh and Myanmar.

It shares close similarities with the neighboring language of Dimasa from the state of Assam. Also, it is notable that Kokborok is not just a single language spoken by the people but is actually a collection of several languages spoken by the people in that area.

Coming to the dialects of the language, there are many tribes in India who speak the Kokborok language and are spread over the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, as well as Mizoram and hence, the dialects vary geographically.

Debbarma is the most popularly used dialect of Kokborok language. The other prominent dialects are Kalai, Jamatia, as well as Noatia.


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