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Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber Welcome a New Addition to Their Family

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There have been rumours going around that Sunny Leone was to have a baby out of pregnancy. However, her husband, Daniel Weber, and she downright denied any such events or development in their lives. Soon after the news of her pregnancy started hovering the country, there came the heart-melting report of them adopting a baby girl, Nisha Kaur Weber, from Latur, Maharashtra.

What did they go through?

To the couple, it just didn’t matter whether it was their biological child or an adopted kid. Moreover, Leone mentions that it would probably have been troublesome to go through the hectic nine months of pregnancy and starting a family in their tight schedule. However, when the idea of adoption hit their minds, they didn’t come to think twice about it.

Daniel says that their lives have always been so crazy and that for them there were no nine months waiting to get their first child. It was two years of patience and perseverance with loads of paperwork to finally hear that they have been matched with this beautiful baby girl. However, they got only three weeks to finalise the adoption after witnessing the pictures of their new daughter.

Leone has been reported saying that she never really thought of surrogacy as well. To her, it is just a god gifted moment to have a kid that you’re supposed to have.

How does it impact us?

The star of ‘Laila Main Laila’ is always up for something out-of-the-blue. She continues to impress us with her uniqueness and unorthodoxy. Now, together, her husband and she, have presented a brand-new vision in Bollywood of removing restraints and constraints when it comes to helping the orphanage. Daniel Weber says that he had never really thought of adopting a child. However, visiting the different orphanages changed his mind and he wanted to do something different, and help them in some way. Maybe, not all at once, but one at a time; despite the philanthropic attributes of these people, a part of the public continues to slut-shame the actress.

However, to Leone, it doesn’t really matter as long as her new daughter smiles and melts her heart. She is looking forward to Nisha growing up and being a woman of her own.

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