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10 Things One Should Remember While Getting Their First Tattoo

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Your first tattoo is something that is your first permanent mark on your skin, other than your birthmarks of course. Hence, you need to be extra cautious about the dos and don’ts when getting inked for the first time.

So here are 10 things that you must follow—

First Tattoo Tips

  1. Begin with a small one

Since your body will be new to the whole concept of permanent ink, it is better to start small. This way you will be able to know better how your body reacts to the process and how well it heals.

  1. Timing is very important

Instances like sun exposure as well as submergence in water can damage your new tattoo. Hence, the wise thing to do is get inked during times like early autumn or spring, wherein you won’t have too much risk of sun exposure.

  1. Know about your tattoo artist well

Don’t go to a tattoo artist just because he charges less amount compared to others. It’s permanent ink on your own body after all, and you wouldn’t want to mess with it. Research your artist well, browse the internet to know more about him/her and also take word of mouth feedback from people who have actually gotten their tattoos from that artist.

  1. Decide your design wisely

Don’t let your mood swings, adrenaline rushes, and simply spontaneity be the deciding factors of your tattoo design. Take your own time and then get your mind fixated on a particular design.

  1. Trust Bepanthen+ for your rescue

Keep this nappy rash ointment handy so that your new tattoo won’t spurt out the blood at odd times. Your artist may or may not give you a care cream, so in any case, you must keep it handy.

  1. Take your friend with you

Getting the first tattoo is a great experience. Although you may feel nervous, jittery as well as excited, it is all worthwhile in the end. Take someone you trust with you to the parlor—a friend or sibling to keep you grounded and also give you moral support.

  1. Don’t stress

Many people put on a brave face on the idea of getting a tattoo only to cry out loud when actually getting it in the parlor. Remember this: The stress will only cause you trouble as well as hinder the artist’s stance, which in many case can even ruin the design of the tattoo, and you don’t want that. So take a deep breath and relax. The pain will only be temporary.

  1. You can always get a touch-up

Once you get your tattoo done and you feel a line or two are not showing up properly, you can always go back to the artist and get it fixed in order to get what you had actually envisioned.

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