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UP Asan Kisht Yojana Eligibility, Benefits, Apply Online

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UP Asan Kisht Yojana

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has initiated UP Aasan Kisht Yojana. This arrangement has preserved people who have not yet charged energy bills. These individuals may make necessary payments to cover their energy bills.

Move up Aasan Kisht Yojana (Urban) 2020 Apply Online

Step 1— Visit UP AasanKisht Yojana Official Website, i.e., Limits to www. Uttar Pradesh Power Company

Step 2- View the Billing portion of the bill and press the Urban Simple Installation Scheme Registration page.

Step 3- Define your account number and password by clicking the Login Link and access icon.

Step 4- The form will be shown on a tablet.

Step 5- Now enter the registration form, press the Register button, and enter all information needed such as account number, service link number, mobile number, etc.

Step 6 – Up Simple Installation Scheme can then be registered.


How do I order online instant electricity?

You have to follow the necessary steps you have taken to apply for a direct power link.

Step 1— Visit UP AasanKisht Yojana Official Website, i.e., Limits to www. Uttar Pradesh Power Company

Step 2- On our site, Press “New Registration” if you’re a new user. On the other hand, you can log in directly using a username ID and password if you are a registered customer.

Step 3 – If you’re a new user, you’ll get your registered mobile number with your user ID and password. Now with the help of a login ID and password, you can connect to the website.

Step 4- If you successfully log in, you will be given instructions on updating your password, following the guidelines, checking your old password, and generating your new password.

Step 5- The application form for the Instant Connection Scheme is now opened in the dashboard section in front of you. You will collect other measures, respectively, after completing the first process.

Step 6 – You upload the associated documents and press “Submit” after correctly filling the content.

Guidelines for the profit

The claimant has to be an Uttar Pradesh citizen.

Only domestic connections up to 4 kW are available under the simple installation scheme.

Only if the installments are deposited on schedule interest would be excluded.

If the individual does not deposit a two-month installment or the utility bill does not deposit for two months, the candidate’s registration may be revoked.

Significant advantages

  • Benefit Beneficiary
  • LMV-1 and LMV-2 User Self Bill Generation.
  • Access to an online account is secure and comfortable 24 hours a day.
  • See your account
  • Request Registration complaint/service
  • Customize payment options and updates
  • Access to accounting and history of consumption
  • Find valuable calculators and energy-saving tips for your home or organization
  • Set reminders or warnings to keep your budget
  • This is the very much needed scheme which was required for the households, as it helped them save quite a bit in terms of energy and ended up saving their costs.

Scheme main characteristics

Scheme Features

This system offers power for rural and urban-rural electricity customers for payment of bills in installments.

In this arrangement, the bill shall be charged in simple installments. Paying of electricity is handled in twelve urban installations and 24 rural installations.

Under UP Asan Kist Yojana, the existing bill could be payable at a rate of 5percent or at least Rs 1500.

Per month, energy bills are also expected to be deposited.

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