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Truecaller’s Latest Update Includes New Themes, Spam Folders and Much More

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About Truecaller

Truecaller for Android has been asaviour ever since it launched itself against spam calls and caller identification. Now its latest update for Android is providing with an array of themes and separate spam folders that would include the category of spam messages as well. This latest update is already available for download in the Google Play Store.

Messages and MMS

The latest 8.21 Truecaller version brings about a number of reasonable changes to the application. Most of the people get irritated over the unnecessary junk-messages and spams that keep coming throughout the day. Now, with this version, the spam messages could be kept aside, however, one has to set Truecaller as the default SMS app for that.

Another striking feature that comes with the latest version is the saving MMS option. One could also block flash messages according to the needs. One could send a flash message instantaneously after a call gets screened or there is a missed call notification.


The 8.21 version of the app has included various themes including pitch black. Not only this, it has improved its features by including an option of marking all messages as “read” in the block tab. Thus, the boring look of the previous Truecaller could now get a makeover from the various themes included.

Other notable features

The advanced version of this app, Truecaller Pro, has now included subscription packages so that you are spared the task of paying them every month. The yearly subscription is being offered at a price of Rs. 270 by the company. Also, the app now comes with an auto-renewal option so that you don’t have to renew it every time manually. As already mentioned, the Truecaller would now keep the regular messages apart from spam messages and spare you the latter’s annoyance.

The company has strategically targeted the budget-friendly aspect of this renowned app. There is not one app more efficient in its work than Truecaller. Hence, the cost-effective subscription tactic might attract more customers to avail the app’s service.

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