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Nyaya Bandhu: A Tele-law App initiative by the Department of Justice

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Nyaya Bandhu Overview

  • This user-friendly law application will ensure the registration of pre-registered orders.
  • The beneficiaries who registered can easily connect with registered advocates through this mobile app.

On the path of making India digital and ensure the growth of the country in digital platforms. Here is the new app which is designed to ensure justice to the common man in the easiest way possible. This dashboard integrated mobile application called Nyaya Bandhu is the fresh launch in the application market.

This tele-law mobile application is launched by the law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. This application is a step forward to make it easy for practicing lawyers to connect with such beneficiaries who have connected already.

It is said to be a great step to promote the pro-bono culture in India. The pro-bono term refers to the work done for the public good by professionals without asking for any payment.

This application helps to create an interface between the paralegal lawyers and panel lawyers to have an appointment on the cases which are pre-registered.

Featured with video conferencing as well as a calling facility, this mobile application makes the user experience more convenient for having judicial services. There is a dashboard that integrates with Nyaya Bandhu application to make the process of registration of pre-registered cases more user-friendly.

Approx. 73000 paralegal volunteers will be the direct beneficiaries via this app including the National legal service authority (NLSA) and state legal service authority (SLSA).

The law minister told to media that the pilot project of this application has already been successful and above fifty thousand people are using the services of Nyaya Bandhu.

Ravi Shankar Prasad further adds that till January there is a record of 49,192 people who took the legal advice from this mobile application.

Law minister emphasizes the need for pro-bono professional volunteers who come forward to make the legal process more comfortable to the public.

He admits that India still lacks legal literacy and there is a need for such platforms for the public that can aware people of judicial literacy.  It is a known fact that our judicial system is very slow as compared to many countries.

It is said that there is a memorandum of procedure (MoP) which is underlying on the table of discussion between the central government and supreme court. The approval of this MoP will make the judicial system more transparent.

This information is in the public domain that many lakhs of cases are still pending in different courts of countries either its supreme court, high court, or lower courts. So, it needs many more initiatives like Nyay Bandhu which can speed up the process of legal cases and penalties in courts.

The launch of the Nyaya Bandhu application is like a ray of hope for the Indian judicial system which needs strong reforms for the betterment of the nation.

Hopefully, the Nyaya Bandhu application will solve the problem of the public dealing with the complex structure of the Indian judicial system to get justice.

Conclusion: There are a number of people in the country, who have always found it difficult and challenging to look for the right advocates due to multiple reasons.

Hence, with the all new Nyaya Bandhu – A Tele Law App initiative by the Department of Justice, there will now be ease when It comes to selecting the lawyers. All you have to do is, login to the app, look for the right advocate of your genre and that is it, you are surely good to go in the run.

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