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Top 10 Best YouTube Video Editing Apps

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With technology seeping into our lives, there have been several video editing apps that come into the market almost daily. However, we have curated a useful list of top 10 YouTube video editing apps to help you pick one for yourself.

Best YouTube Video Editing Apps


InVideo editor is an excellent video editor for beginners. The program has a number of capabilities, but its fundamental set of editing tools and functions is among the finest in the industry.

With its simple UI and easy-to-use interface, anybody can learn the art of video editing with InVideo. Any video you’re editing may have audio clips and music added to it. You may also do simple functions such as trimming, cutting, copying, pasting, and rewinding any portion of the video.

Filmora Go

It is one of the most powerful video editing apps. If you tend to update short videos on your YouTube channel, then this is the ideal app you should be working on.

The best part about the app is that it works very well with phones such as the iPhone. The app has enough basic as well as advanced features, which allows the user to split up, cut the video, rotate the video, control the speed, adjust the volume, color effects, etc.

The app also offers its users some incredible filters and effects, which helps the users to create amazing videos.

Viva Video

This is one of the most popular video editing apps used by almost everyone. It is used by both IOS and Android users. The best part about this app is that the user can quickly shoot the video using an in0built camera feature. One can always add several effects and filters to beautify the video further.


This app is ideal for the users who would want to add the necessary filters to the video. However, in terms of functionality, the app does not have a lot to offer. The USP about this app is that one can save all of their videos on the cloud, and from there, it can be edited anytime by only using the browser.


This is one of the favorite hot apps for all iPhone users. This app offers some very excellent video editing features such as changing the track of the audio, adding several texts, adding effects to the video. The video app allows users to easily change the speed of the video in a particular part.


This is one of the best video editing apps and is massively used by Android users. All the options are much present on the front screen. Unlike the other apps, in this app, the videos are seen creating in the form of different layers. Hence, it becomes easy for the user to create the picture in a kind of picture effect.

Cute Cut

This is one of the unique video editing apps, which is very different. This app has an excellent user-friendly interface. The UI used in the app resembles very much to the professional video software editing apps. One can easily add pictures in the picture effect or overlay the two videos effortlessly.


This is one of the apps which is available as an online service for computers. This app is widely used by both Android as well as IOS users. One can very easily save up all the data on the cloud and then go on to edit the videos. The app offers a wide range of editing features to the users.


The name is self-explanatory to understand that it is one of the simple design video apps. The usage and the functionality of the overall app are extra comfortable and provide a step-to-step guide to edit or trim the videos right from the start.  Beginners mainly use this app.


This app is primarily for the IOS users and provides a professional editing tool to the users. However, the app is not very simple to use. But it does also offer the essential features needed to edit the video such as cropping, trimming, rotating, etc.


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