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Artificial Intelligence (AI) creating history in the field of Breast Cancer

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Life taking disease Cancer would have to withdraw its death claws from the innocence mass as a new software Artificial Intelligence or AI is about to undertake the role of a superhero to cure the helpless breast cancer patients with hope.

This monster disease remains silent at the beginning and continues to demolish the cells and takes the mask off when there are no chances left for life.

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An expert team from IIT Kharagpur and Tata Medical Center is behind this incredible invention making sure that the unrecognized stages of this fatal disease would now be traced in a preliminary phase.

AI is a computer-based software, able to monitor the aggressive breast cancer even in the remote places, paving the path of medical technology in India.

Chandan Chakraborty, Manoj Saha from IIT KGP and Indu Arun, Rosina from TMC  are the co-writers of this research, as published in Nature Scientific Reports in June.


As the number of patients carrying breast cancer are increasing daily, among which most of the cases are recognized at the last stage, the remedy of aggressive breast cancer cells has led the Medical technology to face the challenge.

To identify cancer at the beginning and to get absolute remedy a number of experienced pathologists are needed in the urban hospitals in remote areas which are not always feasible.


This Artificial Intelligence software deals with the structural and functional issues of the brain which is called artificial neural networks to identify the normal and abnormal malignant tumors.

The senior clinical oncologist Sanjay Chatterjee states that this sensible software AI has the capability to seek out the trace of aggressive cancer cells irrespective of their physical location and thus the defenseless patients are allowed to take swift action against their risk.

So here they are introducing AI the Artificial Intelligence software which is efficient to identify the aggressive cancer cells quickly and with 90 percent accuracy.

AI is allowed to check its score on Ki-67 a universally approved index, by detecting the hotspot.


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