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Can This Portable Device Reveal Cancer in its Early Stage?

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A group of scientists has come up with a cheap portable device that could help with the early diagnosis of cancer. The effectiveness of this product could impact greatly on all of mankind.

The device is used to identify the tumor cells in blood quite early in a patient’s cancer stage.

University in Tarragona (URV) in Spain has developed this device which could determine the number of tumor cells in the blood in no time.

What is the effectiveness of the device?

  • Scientists insist on its effectiveness in monitoring, treating and diagnosis cancer in its early stage that could increase the chances of survival of the patient.
  • They have tested the device and concluded that it could keep track of the patient’s health conditions along with providing a cheap, rapid and stress-free result.
  • It’s monitoring of tumor cells in blood is done in a positive method without impacting any hazard or damage to the patient’s body

How does it work?

Since it is a portable device, it involves two small systems for detecting the tumor cells: the flow system and the optical system.

The flow system, as suggested by the name, makes the blood cells flow in alignment while the optical system with its two optic fibers (photodetector and a laser diode) helps in examining and determining the number of cancerous and non-cancerous cells in the blood.

The device thus procures the ratio between the two cells which uncovers the progress of the disease.

Cancer contains a class of disease; hence, it is unlikely to invent a singular cure for cancer.

What scientists and researchers could do the most comes with effective treatments and advanced cancer-detecting devices to minimize the occurrences of death.

This portable device acts as a huge leap in such a direction and propels our hope. Cancer has been called as a disease that must be “fought” in order to end the “civil insurrection”.

Thus, the damage that the disease could inflict on the body of the patient due to delayed-diagnosis is huge.


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