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World Hepatitis Day (28th of July)

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About World Hepatitis Day

Every year on the 28th of July, the world observes Hepatitis Day. It is an initiative heralded by the World Health Organization (WHO) to increase awareness about the risks that viral hepatitis possesses and how one can take precautions against it. Hepatitis also happens to be one of the four disease centric awareness days that the World Health Organization conducts globally.

It is in fact endorsed officially by the WHO. The objective is to unify all kinds of patient organizations, medical professionals, governments, industries, civil societies, as well as the general public in the context of understanding the portfolio of viral hepatitis in its entirety.

The reason why awareness about Hepatitis is so important is the fact that the viral hepatitis is one of the leading causes of deaths globally, causing more than 1.34 million deaths just in a year!

In fact, Hepatitis B, as well as Hepatitis C, are the pivotal reasons causing approximately 80% cases of liver cancer in the world, in which almost all result in fatal consequences.

The striking fact here is that the virus is not present in a particular region of the world or among a specific set of people, but it is spread globally, all around the world, and the unfortunate thing is that many people are not even aware that they are infected by the virus.

In fact, according to studies around 90% of the people possessing the hepatitis B virus are not aware of the fact while 80% of the people possessing the hepatitis C virus are totally clueless about them being infected. This obliviousness can totally lead them to succumbing, wherein they may end up with a case of fatal liver cancer, and no treatment would help them get cured. In fact, they can even unknowingly transmit this viral disease to other people as well.

There is a list of vaccines and treatments available at present for Hepatitis B and there’s even a cure for Hepatitis C, but it is awareness about viral Hepatitis that is needed first and foremost, for everyone to know about it, its source, the precautions one should take, the risks, how it can get transmitted, etc. in order to be able to have access to the possible measures against it. Thus, World Hepatitis Day aims at doing that.


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