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Panthi Dance: Mirror of Chattisgarh

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About Panthi Dance

Being one of the most important dance forms of Chattisgarh. Panthi Dance form is quite successful in spreading its popularity all over the country.

This very dance form is generally a prominent ritual of the ‘Satnami’ community, based in Chattisgarh. This dance form is full of apt expressions so that the viewers do find the depicted story understandable.

Panthi dance form is a mirror image of the cultural heritage and tradition of the native tribal groups in Chattisgarh. District of Durg stands as one of the most important ancient sites and bears significance in the history of Chattisgarh. Panthi Dancers basically depicts the importance of Durg to the people by their variety of special dance steps and body movements.

This dance drama takes place on the occasion of Maghi Purnima (birthday of Guru Baba Ghasidas).

About the dance: 

Panthi dance form is mainly a dance for men. The performers start their dance around a Jotikstambh. The music of this dance form express Nirvana Philosophy which conveys the energy of their Gurudev and the messages of Kabir, Guru Ramdas Ji and so on.


Panthi dance form requires a flexible body and enough stamina to perform the dance drama with full energy until the end. This dance form contains various challenging dance steps which are jaw-dropping.

Other dancers keep quiet while the leader of the group sings a song. As the rhythm gets a quick beat the performers indulge in acrobatics and form a human pyramid together.

The participants of Panthi dance from are generally the members of Panthi Nrityo Mandir.

Traditional folk instruments such as Mridanga, Jhaanj are played during the performance and the participants follow the rhythm.

Panthi dancers were the traditional attire of vibrant colour with matching jewellery. Their costume reflects the image of the cultural life of the local residents in Chattisgarh.

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