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5 Reasons Why Bengalis Are the Best People to Date

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Bengalis are known to be liberal, humorous, free-spirited beings, with whom not a single day is a dull day! From fashion to literature to food—you name it, and they excel in each and everything!

If you have come across a Bengali and want to date him or her, or are already dating him or her, here we give you five reasons why that’s like the best thing ever!

Why Bengalis Are the Best People

  1. Your Bong guy will leave no stone unturned to bring a smile on your face

If you are dating a Bengali guy, be rest assured that he would go to any lengths to make sure that you are always smiling! Be it trying to cook a special dish for you or dancing on the roadside like a clown! His priority is always your happiness.rel

  1. You will be in the embrace of a foodie’s paradise

Your bong girl will never let you have a dull day when it comes to food, as she will be always ready to accompany you in savoring any dish, no matter how random! From north Indian cuisine to Thai or Chinese—she will always be your partner in crime in exploring all-new dishes, whenever and wherever!

  1. Be ready to laugh like there’s no tomorrow

We all need humor in our lives and simply can’t function without it! If you are dating a Bengali guy, it is a given that humor will be a part of your life as is oxygen! Bengalis are not just quick-witted but their humor can leave you in a fit of giggles, never letting boredom touch you! 

  1. Their words can sweep you off your feet

Bengalis are naturally blessed with Shakespearean skills and hence, their words can actually blow your mind, be it a poem or simply some words of acknowledgment of the fact that they are really into you! So, be ready to feel special if you are dating a bong!

  1. They respect your personal space

Bengalis are mostly very liberal and understand the need for personal space in a relationship for themselves as well as their partners. So, rejoice that trait of your bong partner and have a healthy relationship, which you crave for!


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