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Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana Benefits, Features, Eligibility

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Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana | Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana Benefits | Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana Features | Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana Documents Required | Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana Eligibility

About Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana

The Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana was launched by Uttar Pradesh Sh. CM. Adityanath’s Yogi. Under this scheme, the money will be transferred to a total of 2,484 bank accounts of the beneficiaries via online means.

The Yogi Government also assists the backward-class Dalits who were returned from other unemployed states in the Corona era. The State Government of Uttar Pradesh will also provide an amount of money to the Scheduled Caste people in terms of loans and grants.

To make individuals walk at an equal level, the state government has taken upon itself to provide to all the needy workers of the state.

Under this scheme, the Uttar Pradesh State has made it mandatory for the banks to provide loans to the two mandatory categories, in particular, SC / ST and Women Beneficiaries.

As per the list, there are approximately 18,000 bank branches in Uttar Pradesh, and it will benefit the 36,000 people of Uttar Pradesh from those branches. Under these various schemes are also being ruled by the Government to benefit the needy.

For taking the advantage of this scheme, the candidate must visit the bank directly and ask for the loans there, as required.

Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana (NRCY) Features

  • The economic development of the Dalits and the deprived will bring balance to society.
  • The Yogi Government extended its assistance to the Dalit workers who have returned from other states and are unemployed in this COVID 19 situation.
  • CM Yogi also explains that the amount of self-employment provided by the Uttar Pradesh Government to the Scheduled Caste beneficiaries includes both loans and grants.
  • As per the CM, there should be equilibrium in society and that equilibrium should be at the social and economic levels.
  • The state government is committed to employing and adjusting workers.

Naveen RojgarChatri Yojana’s Aim

As per the Chief Minister, there are various schemes that are already running for the betterment of the SC’s. He said that only if Dalits and other SC individuals receive equal benefits can we balance the economy. Such schemes will also help them to improve their economic situation.

Naveen Rojgar Chhatri Yojana’s Benefits

As mentioned below, the benefits of this scheme are:-

  • An online transfer of Rs 17.42 crore to 3,484 beneficiaries of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya Swarozgar Yojana is provided under this scheme.
  • The Government wants to make them self-dependent and not dependent on anyone else by providing such assistance to Uttar Pradesh state.
  • Under this system, work has been employed to link more than 1 crore 25 lakhs employee/workers or say self-employment.
  • Every individual who is in need gets the benefit of the various schemes that are run by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Required Eligibility criteria and documents:

Here is the list of documents that are required:

  • Under Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya Swarozgar Yojana, the applicant must be registered.
  • They must be permanent residents of the state of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Aadhar Card 
  • Mobile Number
  • Details of bank account

Naveen Rojgar Chatri Yojana’s online registration process:

Under this scheme, each bank branch was assigned a target by the Prime Minister. Each bank branch must provide at least two SC / ST and female beneficiaries with a loan. There are 18 thousand bank branches in Uttar Pradesh. Around 36 thousand individuals benefit from this. These rewards are received by those who need them the most.


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