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How to redeem ICICI Bank credit card reward points to cash

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Credit Card Reward Points from ICICI Bank

Shopping used to be known as women’s forte. Men of the modern generation, however, love the experience just as much as females do. It can be relaxing to splurge on yourself because it takes your mind away from your worries. For a visit to the theatre, the same goes. However, the issue is that these can be costly affairs.

Your rescue comes with the ICICI bank credit card loyalty scheme, giving you big cash backs and discounts on nearly all your transactions. Not only deals but while you are at it, you can also win some fantastic incentives. All around, it is a win-win scenario.

Rewards Rules and Regulations

  1. Only holders of specified ICICI bank cards have access to the reward scheme.
  2. The scheme is valid from the date of card activation.
  3. The reasonable charges relate to the redemption of the ICICI bank reward point.
  4. The anniversary year system for collecting rewards will be followed by the ICICI Bank Reward Points collecting system.
  5. As received by the Card Member under the ICICI Bank Rewards System, cardholders will receive the monthly statement showing the ICICI Bank Reward Points
  6. From time to time, the cardmember can quickly redeem his accrued ICICI Bank Reward Points against redemption offers made by ICICI Bank.
  7. Redemption may be carried out either online or via a customer service call.
  8. The ICICI Bank Reward Points so redeemed shall immediately be reduced or debited from the accrued ICICI Bank Reward Points in the respective Card Account at the time of redeeming the ICICI Bank Reward Points.
  9. For reward points received on ICICI Bank Credit Cards, a Redemption Handling Fee of Rs. 99 and Service Tax will be paid on any ICICI Bank reward redemption request. The same will be included in the monthly credit card statement, credited to the cardmember.
  10. If the customer withdraws or cancels the card at any time during the scheme, all loyalty points against that card against that customer’s account will be canceled.
  11. Any other card will not be credited with the canceled points.
  12. In the event of the card being restored, the revoked points will not return to the card.
  13. Any incentive points that have not been redeemed will automatically be revoked upon the scheme’s termination.

Under the ICICI Bank Rewards scheme, how do you receive reward points? 

ICICI Bank gives its clients two forms of incentives.

  1. Rewards from Hand Picked
  2. Rewards for Pay Back
  3. Ancillary Cards

Using your ICICI bank credit card for all your grocery purchases and high-value purchases such as electronics, travel, and gold is the best way to collect hand-picked rewards. Then sit back and watch the points of your reward add up.

— time you use your ICICI Bank Credit Card with one of the many ICICI Bank company and brand partners, you will also earn a payback. Some of these brands and retailers offer an extra incentive over and above the ICICI Bank Payback, both online and off-line.

When checking out to earn payback points, make your transactions online, and enter your PAYBACK number or registered mobile number. For every INR 200 and INR 100, respectively, Ezone online and FutureBazzar currently offer three payback points.

ICICI Bank also provides a variety of additional cards that you can use to collect reward points. To receive points, enter your supplementary card number at checkout.

How can I use my ICICI Bank credit card to redeem reward points earned?

Your account is credited with the incentive points you receive across different networks. These points can be redeemed through the following channels:

Redemption online

  • Using your user ID and password to login to the ICICI online banking account
  • Navigate to the Credit Cards tab and press “Points Incentive.”
  • Then choose the “Redeem Online” option.
  • Pick the items against the redemption of reward points that you want to buy.
  • An order ID is produced and sent to your registered cell phone. For future reference, save this ID.
  • Check the registered address-to this address; your purchase will be delivered.
  • Contact the bank authorities if you wish to change the address.
  • The order will be supplied within ten working days, although this is an external cap. The order usually arrives much sooner.
  • Such transactions are not repayable, exchangeable, or refundable.

Redemption by client care

  • Call your town’s customer service number for ICICI Bank.
  • A customer service manager will direct you through the process of redemption of your reward points.
  • Browse the things available for reward points before you call, and keep the item codes of the things you want to buy handy to share with our customer service executive.
  • For your order, the executive will share a unique order ID. Keep this safe for reference in the future.
  • Within ten working days, the order will be delivered to your shipping address.



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