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E-Mitra Portal Rajasthan Registration, Documents

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E-Mitra is the e-governance initiative of the Rajasthan government. It has made it easy to work with government departments E-Mitra has made life more comfortable and still has a lot of potentials to improve the e-governance initiative of the Rajasthan government called e-Mitra in partnership with private realms to preserve the quality and accountability of government work and to support people with their day.

Popular Service Centers (CSC) or kiosks are set up in Rajasthan localities under the e-Mitra initiative to provide various services related to government departments without needing individuals to visit government offices physically.

How is e-Mitra effective? The circumstances of government departments are not unfamiliar in India. It needs a lot of time and effort for all forms of work. Nevertheless, e-Mitra changed that. It is transparent and efficient. For all those who want their job completed without any hassle, e-Mitra has come as a blessing.

One of the kiosks owners thinks that these initiatives give more power to the people, and it is essential for the public to have power in their hands.

E-Mitra also adopts the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model, so there is a lot of accountability in its work. PPP also implies that the services are almost flawless, and the confidence of citizens has been achieved.

The biggest problem was connectivity, as India still lacks a fast Internet link in many countries. If this is the case, for Mr. Sharma, achieving targets could be overwhelming.

Another major challenge has also been a lack of awareness and unwillingness to use online services, especially in rural areas. Despite these questions, however, the government is optimistic about the initiative,

Full digitalization is included in the long-term plans for e-Mitra that will enable citizens to use any government service at home.

To appeal to a more significant population of people, e-Mitra will also be introduced in other states. Today, e-Mitra is India’s largest e-government project, with approximately 36,000 kiosks across 32 Rajasthan districts, collecting over Rs.

Three thousand crores in annual revenue collections. It has been earned great success ever since 2004. It is popular among the general public because of its convenience and effectiveness.

There are three types of services available under the e-Mitra project: submission of application forms, utility bill payment services, and submission of grievances.

Due to the simple initial investment of just Rs. 5000 for a kiosk, E-Mitra also fosters entrepreneurship in rural areas. As it proves to be a great source of income for them, women are actively taking part in it. E-Mitra has a lot of potential for further growth, and, ideally, it will rise, so it will also help other states.

Necessary Document for Rajasthan Open e Mitra

  • Aadhaar card
  • Pan Card
  • Passbook for Bank
  • 10th marksheet
  • Police Check
  • The Kiosk Address
  • E Mitra shape
  • E-mitra SSO id Method of Registration


The E-mitra SSO facility is only given to Rajasthan citizens, so if you want to get the emitra SSO ID, you must first be a citizen of Rajasthan to do this.


To do the SSO id Rajasthan Registration broadcast.

  • First, go to the official website at E-mitra SSO Rajasthan https:/
  • As soon as you go to the online E-mitra SSO Rajasthan website, you will see two choices in front of you, first login and second registration.

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