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Buy, Sell, Adopt Labrador dog in Bengaluru

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Labrador Dog

As per a recent survey, it has been disclosed that Labradors are a very popular breed. This breed is extremely lively and happy at the same time it is both an attentive yet a carefree dog breed.

Labrador puppies are extremely playful and just adore lavishing their affection on humans. This breed is filled with love and nothing less than exhibits the same whenever he or she gets a chance to.

Training a Labrador puppy is also not very difficult, as they are low maintenance puppies. However, it is very important for the owner to know how to train the dog and this is where they lack the most. A lab dog is a great breed that is filled with a plethora of good qualities.

Labra dog as a breed is extremely a demanding one due to its interesting nature. However, not everyone knows the real insights about this breed. Here we have curated a few interesting facts about Labra puppies which will help you know the breed better and will be easier to decide to buy or adopt the Labrador dog.

Buy, Sell or Adopt the Labrador dog

  1. Size:

    Labradors generally are medium-sized built and can grow up to a maximum of 22.5 inches at the shoulders. The average weight of these dogs ranges from 55-75 pounds. The weight and size of the labra dog depend on their sex as well.

  2. Temperament:

    When compared nature wise, Labra’s top the list of being the most well-behaved dogs. They are extremely friendly, loyal, independent and lovable dogs. This breed does not have an extreme nature that is, it is neither very aggressive nor very shy. However, Labrador puppies in their initial years can exhibit strong qualities and emotions if they are not provided with proper training.

  1. Life Span:

    The average life span of the labra dogs ranges between 12-14 years.

  1. Health:

    The breed: Labradors is considered to be one of the healthiest breeds. However, they are also prone to some hereditary problems such as the elbow or hip dysplasia. Generally, Labra’s are at a huge risk of eye problems such as cataracts.

  1. Grooming:

    Labra dogs have a very short coat which is water-resistant and is extremely thick and dense. This thick coat helps them remain clean, but this needs to be brushed once in every two weeks and more often during their shedding season. Labs have a tendency of massive shredding, i.e. twice a year once while growing and the other while shedding their coat.

  1. Social Skills:

    Lab dogs are considered to be very social in nature and are amicable. This breed can literally get along with anyone at any time. They adore both children and adults equally. Due to their friendly nature with the visitors, they are not considered to be a good guard. This breed is a very spirited companion who can shower the entire family with more than enough affection, love, and attention.

  1. Exercise:

    Lab Dogs do require an immense amount of exercise. Twice a day, this breed needs to be taken for a minimum of 30 minutes. They also demand for long playtime hours as they love playing. Labra’s also love to swim, which is a great form of exercise for the dogs. Hence, these dogs are considered to be athlete dogs who love exercising and sports.

  1. Skills:

    Labra dogs are recognized as sporting dogs and are very quick and attentive. This breed is known for its commendable tracking skills and their ability to hunt properly. They have exceptional and proper skills of retrieving and have an impeccable quality of smell.

Physical description of Labrador:

In appearance, Labra dogs are generally small to medium-sized which depends on the sex. They are covered with a dense hard coat that comes in various colours such as black, yellow or luscious chocolate.

They have a wide head and sparkling eyes which glimmer with utter kindness. They have a thick ‘Otter Tail’ which forever seems to be signaling the breeds eagerness to play and enjoy.

Labra Dog Shepherd Price:

The average cost of buying a perfect Labra puppy ranges between 5000 -10,000. The cost can also go up to 1,00,000 depending on the type.

Bangalore is a hub of dogs and especially Labra Dogs. There are several places where can one can buy, adopt or sell Labra dogs. Get detailed information about all the intricate details which pertain to the breed.

Hence, if you are someone who loves labra dog and is planning to adopt or buy one then it is important to have intricate details of the breed and read the above-mentioned points above to have a fair idea about labra dogs.

In a place like Bengaluru, there are a number of dogs for sale, majorly being labra dogs at many of the outlets out there.

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