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Zero Discrimination Day – March 01

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About Zero Discrimination Day

Zero Discrimination day is celebrated on 1st March every year. It is a worldwide event that is celebrated annually. The primary purpose of the day is to promote diversity to a large extent and makes sure to recognize that each and everyone holds value and counts. The purpose of the day is also to make each individual life confidently.

 Celebration of the Zero Discrimination Day:

There are premium organizations like the United Nations (UN), which have been very active in promoting this zero discrimination day and indulge into a range of different activities by celebrating the various rights of ‘RIGHT TO LIVE’ despite of all odds such as sexuality, age, skin, gender, ethnicity, height, education, profession, weight, beliefs, nationality, etc.

There are multiple countries out there that have stringent laws when it comes to discrimination, but this is still considered as a problem in many societies as discrimination is actively seen in almost all the countries of the world. A way of governing in many countries comes through perception, and this is a universal hard truth.


The symbol is ‘Butterfly,’ which is popularly used by several people to share with the world their stories and pictures. This is done towards aiming to end discrimination and head towards a positive and bias-free transformation.

Public Holiday:

It is celebrated throughout the globe but is not considered a public holiday. Hence, businesses, schools, and colleges work regularly as they do.


The first time when The Zero Discrimination Day was celebrated was on 1st March 2014 right after UNAIDS, which a program by the UN about the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome & Human Immunodeficiency Virus. The actual campaign of this Day took place on the Worlds AID day, which was celebrated on the 13th December 2013.

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