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World Civil Defence Day – March 01

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About World Civil Defence Day

The World Civil Defence Day is celebrated each year on March 1st. The purpose of celebrating this day is to bring to the notice and attention of every individual about the importance of ‘Civil Protection’ and to pay tribute and acknowledge the sacrifices and efforts of every service which has been responsible enough to fights against all the odds and disasters.

Celebration of the World Civil Defence Day

It was ICDO (International Civil Defence Organisation), which had decided and was the first one to initiate the celebration of Zero Discrimination Day in the year 1990.

The day was marked as the forced entry of ICDO Constitution, which eventually became an intergovernmental organization in the year 1972, and it comes with two main objectives:

A: To grab the attention of the citizens and communicate to them the importance of the Civil Protection and also raise the awareness of preparedness.

B: To take self-protection & prevention measures in case of any disaster or accident.

The last year’s theme for this day was very thoughtful, which spoke of ‘Children’s Safety, Our Responsibility.’


The symbol of the World Civil Defence is rice, which is seen surrounding the Earth and a symbol triangular in shape.


The subject of civil defence began when there of bombing in the public areas which happened during the First World War. The attack in the United Kingdom started on January 19th, 1915, when the German Zeppelins dropped the bombs.

Right, when the war was over, the entire attention was given to civil defence, and it was then that ARP (Air Raid Precautions) committee was commenced in 1924.

The primary purpose of the committee was to investigate the different ways to ensure the proper protection of civilians from the air-raids. Then it was in 1935 that the Home office commenced civil Defence Service.


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