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Top 10 Best Cat Breeds in India

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There is a common notion amongst people that it is uncommon or next to impossible to ‘Own a Cat’. However, the common notion may not be entirely right but it isn’t entirely wrong as well.

Cats are considered to be territorial; they are more attached to the territory than to humans. However, cats are considered one of the best companions anyone can ask for. Their intelligence, affectionate nature is unparalleled.

The icing on the cake is that these cats are very low-maintenance creatures who mostly like to keep it to themselves. Cats do not stink at all are very quiet in nature.

Every time you see car meowing or rubbing itself against your leg with those soulful eyes, it will melt your heart.

To know Cats better and give detailed knowledge, here is an extensive list of the Top 10 types of cat breeds:

Best Cat Breeds in India

  1. Bombay Cat:

Bombay Cat
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One of the most common kinds of cat breeds, Bombay cats look ultra-similar to a black panther of miniature form. These cats have very attractive and captivating golden eyes and have shiny and short dark black hair. The build of these cats is very muscular with a rounded head which is seen slender on each of the sides.

The Bombay breed is one of the most popular breeds of cat in India. This breed is found in both British and American cities, and it has a striking look with golden eyes. These cats are friendly and are great with children. These cats can cost anywhere from 30,000 to 40,000 Rupees and are a popular choice for cat owners in India.

The Bombay cat, also known as the Mumbai cat, is a medium-sized cat with a rounded head and short shiny black fur. It is a very sociable cat and can be trained to walk on a leash. It is an excellent pet for people who want a cat that is not prone to fight.

Origin: Black cats are Asian breeds and they are major of two types: The British Bombay and The American.

Temperament: Black cats are extremely friendly in nature and are always up for some naughty tricks. Also, they are extremely versatile as they adapt to different environments and lifestyles.


  1. Himalayan Cat:

Himalayan Cat
Image Source:

Amongst all the cat breeds, Himalayan cats are the ones which are heard mostly many of the times. They are generally known by names such as Colourpoint Persian or Himmie.

Origin: The breed came into existence after they crossed Persian and Siamese breeds to get the proper blue eyes and the points of different colours.

Appearance: These cats are usually white in colour which have a very fluffy coat. Not only just white, but they are also available in many other colours such as red, brown, cream with the points of colours scattered all over the different parts of the body such as ears, face, tail, legs etc.

Himalayan Cats are known to have very appealing and beautiful eyes. In size, these cats can come under the category of medium to hefty.

  1. Siamese Cat:

Siamese Cat
Image Source:

This is one of the cheapest breeds available also one of the friendliest cats in the town.

Origin: Siamese Cat is a very common breed found in Asia and is actually derived from the different varieties of cats which are native to Thailand.

Appearance: In size, these cats are mediumly built with very strong slender legs and head which is wedge-shaped with ears, triangular in shape. These cats have stunning blue eyes and a long tail.

  1. Persian Cats:

Persian Cats
Image Source:

These cats are also known as Iranian or Persian Longhair and are known to be one of the most glamorous breeds.

The Persian breed of cats is one of the most popular and oldest cat breeds in the world. This breed is very friendly and non-fussy. It has been frequently featured in Hollywood movies.

Its long white hair and twinkling eyes make it a popular choice for pet owners. This breed is a medium-sized cat that can live anywhere from fifteen to twenty years. It is also very adaptable and playful.

This cat is available in two coat types. The first coat is plush, while the other is smooth and silky. They come in a variety of colors and are popular among pet owners in India. These cats are very affectionate and are very good company. They are low maintenance and can survive in any climate.

Origin: Persian Cats are originally from Iran.

Appearance: These cats have a round face with large eyes, which are twinkling and shiny. They have very beautiful long white hair and do require grooming regularly.

  1. Maine Coon:

Maine Coon
Image Source:

This breed is the oldest breed of cats on Earth. Also, the cuteness quotient of these breeds is very high.

Origin: The Maine Coon is considered to be the purest form of breeds which originally hail from Maine, New Englander.

Appearance: These cats have a very large body with a thick coat. It has legs which are of medium size and have very round eyes and super large paws.

  1. The American Bobtail:

The American Bobtail
Image Source:

This breed is the least heard and one of the most common cat breeds. The American bobtails are famous for its bobbed tail.

Origin: Originally, these cats hail from America.

Appearance: In size, these cats have a medium body size and are rectangular in shape. They give a very muscular look and are heavy in weight. They are known for their tail which is very flexible.

  1. Spotted Cat:

Spotted Cat
Image Source:

This breed of cats has a very unusual and different body design and are known to adapt to the Indian weather conditions very quickly.

Origin: As per some historical information, these cats are originally from India and Sri Lanka.

Appearance: This breed has a different look altogether. They have grey spots on their entire body and the tail is very dark compared to the colour of their body. They have paws which are oval in shape.

  1. Abyssinian:

Image Source:

This breed is considered to be very intelligent and is very commonly referred to as “Aby-Grabbers”.

Origin: These cats are originally from Ethiopia.

Appearance: The size of the cat can be categorised under small to medium. This breed has short in red, blue or fawn in colour and is completely famous for their ticked pattern of hair.

  1. American Curl Cats:

American Curl Cats
Image Source:

This is a very unusual cat breed which has curled up ears. They are commonly referred to as “Peter Pan”.

Origin: This breed originally originated from the US.

Appearance: These cats are generally small in size and have medium length hair which comes in different patterns and colours such as white, lilac, silver, chocolate, brown, gold etc. They are born with very straight ears which start curving after 3-5 years generally.

  1. American Shorthair:

American Shorthair
Image Source:

These cats are supposed to be the best-behaved cats with the friendliest nature. It is also a very smart breed of cats which is super active with string and refined mental skills.

Origin: These cats originate from the US.

Appearance: These cats are generally medium-sized and as the name suggests they have short hair and are seen in many colours such as red, white, blue, silver, cream etc. The cat generally has a long life span of about 15-20 years and is known to have some very strong hunting instincts.

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