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About German Shepherd Dog – Buy, Sell German Shepherd Online

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About German Shepherd Dog

The German shepherd is the most popular dog breed in the world. It is basically from Germany and has medium to big body. The German shepherd is the dog used by the military and police for investigation and catching criminals.

According to one study of the year 2018, these breeds originated in the year 1859. In those times, the dogs were mainly trained to protect the flock of sheep from attackers. After a few years, the local communities in Germany came to know the speed and intelligence of the German shepherd dog.

Max von Stephanitz, ex-member of Phylax Society watched a dog show and purchased a German shepherd. He then formed the society for this dog breed. These dogs have high learning ability with self-assurance.

Further, this dog breed grasps things faster than other breeds due to which police and militaries train them for investigation. Apart from that, the German Shepherds take care of their owners and love to make new friends.

Food of German Shepherd

The basic foods of German shepherd include brown rice, dry beet pulp, and chicken fats. These dogs need more glucosamine and chondroitin in high amounts. These foods cure musculoskeletal problems. They also strengthen the joints and bones of the dogs.


German shepherd puppies are the highest risk of Parvovirus, canine hepatitis, Parainfluenza and other diseases. You need to take your dogs for vaccination at the age of 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks and 16 weeks.

There are some non-core vaccinations for German shepherd dogs. These injections save your dogs from dreadful diseases such as rabies, Bordetella, Giardia and Lyme diseases. You can ask about the injection schedule for your dogs to the local vet or the experienced vets available online on the internet.

Where to buy and sell German shepherd?

Now, it is very simple to buy and sell German shepherd online in India. There are several sites that offer the cutest and most beautiful German shepherd dogs at affordable prices.

  1. is one of the best sites wherein you can get dogs for sale, purchase, and adoption. This is the genuine site to get the stunning puppies and dogs for adopting in your family. Further, the site contains many ads that help to get genuine buyers and sellers. operates in every state of India. Apart from dogs, you can also get many cat breeds on this site. The major benefit of using this site is that it shows the proper details of the dogs to the sellers and buyers.

You can know how old the dog is while adopting and buying. It is easy to get different breeds of dogs on site.

  1. Tegha Kennel

The next site on the list is Tegha Kennel. It offers the cute puppies at reasonable prices in all the states. Besides that, the site shows the information about the dogs to give a precise idea to the sellers and buyers.

Further, this site shows the images of dogs to the customers. You can contact the team of the site anytime to know more details on the dog breed. In addition to that, this site provides hassle-free buying and selling of German shepherds.

  1. Quikr

Quikr is one of the most popular sites to buy and sell dogs or adopt them. This site displays the dogs with the breed and the place. You can contact the buyers and sellers easily on Quikr site.

In addition to that, this site offers affordable rates to buyers. Apart from German shepherd, you can also find various dog breeds like Golden retriever, Pomeranian, Beagle and so on. You can also buy small and sweet puppies on Quikr site.

  1. Marshalls Pet Zone

Marshalls Pet Zone offers a reasonable German shepherd price to the buyers from all over India. It is one of the amazing sites wherein you can get the dogs of various breeds. Apart from that, you can also get many tips to take care of dogs after adoption or buying them.

In addition to that, this site shows the temperament, coat, physical features and activity of the dogs. Marshalls Pet Zone hires the best trainers from the country to give training tips to the dog owners.

  1. Tailsbuddy

Tailsbuddy is not a very popular site for common people but pet lovers know it well. It offers the sweet German shepherd puppy at cost-effective rates. This site connects you to the reliable buyers or sellers from different states of India.

In addition to that, this site gives the details of the dogs. They show the name of the breed, height and weight, coat colors, and size. You can get the best dogs at the minimum range from the Tailsbuddy site.


German shepherd dogs are very friendly and caring animals. All they need is a little touch of love and care from your side. Apart from that, you must feed your dogs with their favorite foods.

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