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About Labrador Dog – Buy, Sell Labrador Puppies Online

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About Labrador Dog

When there are talks about loyalty, there is no way someone can miss mentioning dogs. They are considered to be one of the most loyal friends of a human.

For a long time, they have proven their worth as a pet and many other tasks in the military and rescues as well. They can do anything for their master if trained properly.

Everyone is aware of the fact that there is not just one kind of dog but there are many breeds of them each one of them having more standards or class in them with different capabilities.

One of the most loved breeds of dog is a Labrador. They are very famous in many countries including India, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Finland. These are the place where they are in high numbers.

Many of you might not be aware of the fact that the real name of that breed of dog is Labrador Retriever and it is also known commonly as Labrador or Lab dog.

Labrador dogs are available to us in different colors but most commonly, they are of black, chocolate and yellow. With you, it ranges from pale yellow to a fox red shades of yellow color.

In many countries including India, Labrador puppies are considered to be a great companion for all those with any kind of disability.

Labradors have been trained at various parts of the country to accompany and help people with disability especially blindness and autism which are so common in other countries.

Origin and History:

There are no absolute stats regarding the birth of this breed but they first came into notice in the year 1830 during ship trading.

During those days, they were often mistaken with Larger Newfoundland and the lesser Newfoundland breed of dogs.

Many writers have addressed them with this breed but describing the properties of a Labrador. They were not so popular at that time.

Their first photograph was dated in the year 1856 which was an Earl of Home’s dog named “Nell”. It is described as both Labrador and a St. Johns Dog.

It was the year 1970 when this breed and its name Labrador Retriever became so common in England and soon, they were so popular there.

In the year 1899, the first yellow Labrador puppy came into the world. He was Ben of Hyde, kennels of Major C.J. Radclyffe.

Soon, in the year 1903, the kennel Club recognized the breed and addressed them as a very popular choice by the people of England and Canada.


The Labradors are considered to be a medium-large breed of dogs. Both males or females are considered to be of the same size but the difference in weight and body.

They are considered to be having a strong and muscular body with a male weighing around 30 Kgs and a female Lab with a weight of 25 Kgs.

Their head is usually broad and slightly pounced eyebrows. They have hanging ears close to their heads and slightly above their eyes.

They have a short and dense coat which is water- resistance to keep them safe in winter from cold. This turns their coat into a dry and oily one.

Health and Vaccines for Labradors:

Talking about health, we must first think of the life span of the dogs. For Labradors, it is about 122 years and some can live up to 19 years life.

As a puppy, it is not a wise choice to bring a Labrador puppy home before the age of 8 weeks. This is said so for the various scientific reasons which are good for both you are your puppy.

As a fact, you must know that Labrador is a working breed of dogs, they are not so lazy until we make them so.

If they do not get proper exercise, they soon face obesity which is not a good thing for any kind of organism it is a dog or a human.

Obesity also brings with it, laziness and soon the dog is just a companion to talk to but it will not help you in your physical tasks. So, it is very necessary for you to give them a proper diet and exercise.

As of Vaccines and injections, Labradors are getting the same treatments as most of the other breeds of dogs a vaccine at the age of 6, 9, 12- and 16-week age.

After 16 weeks, your dog will be strong enough and will need just adult boosters sometimes which do not have prescribed dates.

Buy, Sell or adopt a Dog in Delhi

Labrador is a breed of dog which is not so easy to find in our country. They can be sold at a very high price where they have no existence.

It is not so with the capital city Delhi. Here we have a big market of the Lab puppies and there are so many puppies or dogs for sale.

People often get themselves a puppy and for various reasons, they have to leave the city. These people are ready to give their dogs for adaptations and you can get one from them.

There are so many shops in the city where you can go and find a puppy for yourself. You can also find a number of websites that can help you find, buy or sell Labrador dogs or puppies for yourself. Or If you need a dog, mail us at

The dogs are available at different prices depending on their age, color, and many other factors so.


We have tried to bring all the facts regarding a Labrador as a pet in front of you. If it helped you, do share your reviews in the comment and also share the color of Lab you want for yourself. Stay connected.

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