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LG Washing Machine buying guide | Best LG Washing Machine on EMI in India

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We live in a busy society where washing machines have become an essential appliance. When it comes to saving time, money, energy, and effort, LG washing machines are unparalleled. If you put in the time and effort before purchasing to do your research, you will be able to choose the model that will serve your requirements in the most optimal manner while still providing you with an LG washing machine on EMI.

With the information in this guide, you will be able to choose and buy a washing machine on EMI online that is perfect for your household’s needs and budget.

Different types of washing machines

There are essentially two types of washing machines.

  1. Fully automatic washers
  2. Semi-automatic washers

Fully automatic washers vary from semi-automatic washers in that they automate every step of the washing and spinning process. A semi-automatic type, on the other hand, needs help from a person to move clothes from one tub to another.

Fully automatic washing machines may be further sorted by how they are set up.

  1. Top-loading washers
  2. Front-loading washers

Top-load washing machines have a lid on top that you open to load clothes. A top-loading LG washing machine, on the other hand, does not require the user to bend over to load clothes or to reload things in the middle of a cycle. This keeps their backs from getting hurt.

Front-loading washing machines are different because they have a door on the front. This makes them more useful when there is not much room for storage. They are gentler on the things that they clean, so there is less risk of damage being done. Front-load washers offer more benefits than top-load washers, hence they cost more.

Fortunately, the Bajaj Mall offers an affordable EMI on LG washing machine price list , making it possible to get a more feature-rich appliance at a price you can afford.

The capacity of the washing machine

The capacity of a washer is a key feature to look for. Start by considering your family size, the frequency with which you do laundry, the quantity of products you will need, and your budget for laundry detergent.

Most houses can get by with a much smaller drum capacity, often about 7 kg. LG makes washing machines that can hold anywhere from 6 kg to 15 kg of clothes.

The 6 Motion Control Technology

When you choose a wash program in the LG washing machine, the 6 Motion Direct Drive technology pushes the wash drum in multiple directions. This provides the appropriate care for the fabrics while also getting the garments very clean.

Inverter technology

The best LG washing machines always use inverter technology, which also has sensors that can tell at any time how much laundry is in the machine. Inverter technology has significantly reduced the amount of energy required to run household appliances.

The number of wash cycles

The best washing machines use a variety of wash cycles to get the job done quickly and effectively. You can use the washing machine’s wash programs after you sort your clothes into piles by type.

The washing cycle and water temperature needed to properly clean a given cloth will vary. Some machines even include quicker wash cycles and extra rinse options for added convenience.

A range of high-tech options

If you use apps often, you should look for a washing machine that can link to your preferred mobile application. LG provides app connectivity through its LG ThinQ app.

You can activate the wash cycle on some models with the use of the remote control app that also displays the cycle’s progress and alerts the user when it is complete. Other common settings include a child lock, an automatic restart, and a delayed wash. The LED display on the washing machine makes it simple to navigate through its many features.

Smart Diagnosis

If any problem crops up in your washer, simply sync it with the SmartThinQ app to get an instant diagnosis. There can be up to 86 issues that you can identify.


Knowing your needs and the many options for washing machines can help you make a more informed purchase. Keep in mind that buying the LG washing machine on EMI will make it manageable for your finances as the whole cost is spread out.  We sincerely hope that the information here will help you as you think about your options.

Bajaj Mall makes buying an LG washing machine on EMI simpler

On the Bajaj Mall, you may find a variety of home appliances at deeply discounted prices and with cash back rebates. Customers may choose from a number of different types of washing machines, including front-loading and top-loading models.

Your budget and preferred features will determine which washing machine on EMI online will be ideal for you to purchase. The website provides a number of ways to filter results, which will assist you in making decisions more quickly.

There is no initial payment required when you buy a washing machine on EMI, and you also receive several other benefits, such as No Cost EMIs and free home delivery anywhere in India. The terms of repayment might be extended from three months all the way up to twenty-four months.

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